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    I feel like the only expansion that didn't feel like an adventure was cataclism, due to all the max level zones feeling so familiar right out of the gate. They were zones that should have been accessible for the most part years ago.

    The rest I'd say all feel like an adventure while leveling. You get dropped into a new land and uncover its mysteries while leveling.

    The thing is max level is not an adventure, and never has been. You just do repetable world content (rep grinds, dailies, gathering, whatever) and then do instanced stuff. Once you hit max level, you get a routine. You get some 'new stuff' happen when a patch hits, but most of these don't really add adventure.

    Not to make this a flying thread, but I used to love flying around current content just to see all there was, which helped make being level cap more interesting. Now i just use flight paths.
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    Well yes. Classic was designed with the world as the main character and it was all about discovering it ... on your own or with friends and not by googling fastest way to level 60, what covenant should I pick etc. ... you had to be involved in the world.

    As time went on, leveling started to feel like a chore to some people, even in new expansions, addons and features added to the game started to hack away at the exploration part and this includes new expansions too (like quest helpers ... with quest helper you can just hit max level and not remember a single thing from the journey .. less than 1% of the quests require you to actually read them.)

    Slowly it ended up to what it is today ... a dungeon lobby with indicators on the map telling you where to go, you very rarely have to think for yourself.

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    It went the way of the dinosaur the moment 'streamlining' become Blizzard's design philosophy.

    Streamlining is antithetical to rpg.

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