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    Is there invincible Torghast stat for rogues?

    I'm talking about 6 floor, layer 8, not twisting corridors.
    I have a low geared rogue (175ilvl) and want to complete layer 8.

    What I'm looking for is advice for a very strong spec and Anima powers that will allow me to go through the floors and killing the last boss without getting too much resistance.

    I have tons of legendaries and farmed tons of Torghast (even finished layer 8 twisting corridors a looong time ago), that I don't feel like experimenting or failing many times.
    I just want it done.

    For example, on my Venthyr warrior I was able to pick up Condemn (execute) anima that let me use it all the time regardless of hp and also knocked down the enemy.
    That was my go to damage stat.
    And then very long or 100% uptime on Die by the Sword (100% parry) which was my go to defensive stat.
    These two made me crap all over the dungeon. I didn't even bother clearing everything. I would just go straight for floor end bosses.
    But it also made arms the only spec that was able to dominate that much.

    Do rogues have similar anima powers?
    My rogue is Kyrian.
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    Echoing reprimand anima, First Dance, reduce CD on SS, also stacked chain and evi/env.

    Rogue class is one of the worst(if not WORST at all) class for the Torghast(see how many times Blizzard buffed the anima powers for it), 175 ilvl is seriously too small even for the whole run(with every possible Anima Power acquired).
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    You can pimp grappling hook and crimson vial to the point where you have evasion, feint, cloak and vial up pretty much all the time. But it takes quite a few anima powers to get there. You'll suffer through 5 stages to have all of them at the endboss.

    Your real invincible trait is called "run with a tank".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twdft View Post

    Your real invincible trait is called "run with anyone else".
    Fixed that. Basically 2manning the whole thing is way faster and easier than any other strategy. Mobs don't get much harder, and you can nuke the whole thing.
    You tried, and you failed. What have you learned? That's better not to try at all.

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    Thanks for the tips. But I won't be running it with someone else. Other people tend to slow me down.

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    Rogues don't really have any i-win power that other classes have. The closest thing is a combination of several powers that you're unlikely to get in only 6 floors. Rogues generally have enough damage inherently to finish layer 8, to make it easy just stack as many max HP % powers as possible, if you can get the mawrat 2% hp one early that's one of the best. Get the shadowstep gives 15secs cloak/evasion power. Get the power that has a high chance to heal for 5%, and with subtlety's max hp based self-healing you can speedrun the place with big pulls and little risk of dying. It's only really in twisting corridors that you need certain combinations of damage powers to finish it. But generally the best damage powers are the 150% chain, finisher damage increase, 400% shadowstep power, jack of all trades and any covenant ability buffs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
    Thanks for the tips. But I won't be running it with someone else. Other people tend to slow me down.
    Depends who you run with. I run it only with a close friend of mine and we storm the place.
    You tried, and you failed. What have you learned? That's better not to try at all.

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    hp% is always nice when the bosses start to chunk you for over half your hp with an autoattack.
    the echoing reprimand green/blue/purple power is a nice combo, while stacking the power that increase the dmg of your next cp-builder after a finisher and the power that increase dispatch dmg. i like to take just 1 of the grapple hook cdr power, since it also gives 1 cp (even with broadside buff), which makes it easier to get the echoing reprimand cp requirement.

    and the 5%hp heal is nice, and any sort of self heal increase is nice, since thats not what we excel at by default.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I GOT BORED HALFWAY, didnt realize how many powers there were, i may return to complete the list.
    its by no means a 100% certain simcraft rank, just my ranking by what i like to play with and my experience/intuition what seems best.
    Its ranked for soloing with boss fights in high priority.

    must have:
    Ringing Doom
    Reverberating Strike
    Jack of All Trades

    First Steps
    Secret Spices
    Silent Elysian Bell
    The Last Blade
    Unceasing Chain Link
    Slippery wraithcoil (1)
    Crumbling Aegis (on last boss)
    Shadowblade's Cypher
    Shadowblade's Mythos
    Blade of the Lifetaker
    Phial of Pain (on last boss)
    Obleron Endurance
    Shadowblade's Gift
    Bottled Enigma
    Obleron Ephemera
    Distracting Charges
    Obleron Venom
    Obleron Spikes

    Surefoot Grease
    Obleron Winds
    Quicksilver Mixture
    Shadowblade's Invocation
    Restless Onyx Geodes
    Lens of Elchaver
    Watchful Lightfly
    Finger of Frozen Fury
    Lightning Dust
    Phial of Light
    Rupturing Spike
    Obleron Talisman

    Shadowblade's Ultimatum
    Shimmering Cloaktrails
    Red Ink
    Silent Footpads
    Shadowlaced Armaments
    Slippery wraithcoil (2+)
    Scroll of Forewarning
    Parliament Stone
    Curious Miasma
    Bloating Fodder
    Terror-laden Slumbersand
    Muffles Metronome

    Protective Phantasma
    Leather Apron
    Shadowblade's Legacy
    Vial of Unseen Poison

    Vein Rippers
    invigorating shadowdust
    Pouch of soul-Ash
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
    Thanks for the tips. But I won't be running it with someone else. Other people tend to slow me down.
    I suppose that depends on the quality of the other player. Any decent DPS will be able to rip through most of the floors, and if you're struggling to break level 8, then that'll be even more true. Though, I also personally don't group with people for content that can be done solo until we're towards the end of it's availability, when new players tend to return and end up asking in-game communities if anyone can help.

    I'd suggest looking at some of the PVP honor gear. It's super easy to obtain, and as long as your renown isn't too far behind, you'll be able to upgrade it to 197. Doing a few days of unrated PVP will get you enough honor to get a nearly complete set of 183 gear, maybe higher depending on how much time you spend in a day.

    I remember level 8 feeling impossible as V DH until I was around 183 ilvl, and that's a spec with some decent passive healing. Some of the different sections/instances are more difficult than others. For example, there's 1 which has a ticking passive fire debuff which isn't super dangerous on it's own, but is pretty annoying unless you have some sort of active heal (as it means you'll usually need to eat before a pull, and just makes the bosses feel like they're doing a lot more damage).

    The powers are totally RNG, as are the floors and bosses. With bad RNG, you'll end up with crappy powers and just get 1-shot by the boss. With good RNG, you'll be able to 1-shot them without any problem.

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    Look up the Red Rogue on youtube. He talks a bit about the grappling hook strat. You basically take all the powers that reduce grappling hook's cooldown, as well as the conduit, and the talent. Also get the anima power that boosts damage by 400% after grappling hook. Also get the power that procs evasion, feint, and cloak when using grappling hook. Be sure to use Elusiveness talent so you get a flat 30% damage reduction with grappling hook.

    Also look up Sprawl's Defensive Buffs on Weakauras. I made a weakaura to track when your immunities are up.

    Sorry I can't link these things because I'm a forum n00b and am restricted.

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    I feel like people are doing Torghast wrong as a rogue. I've never had any problem with it, I sold carries for it and I run several guildies through every week. I even have an alt rogue that's only had the 168 crafted gear with pvp weapons (they're 200 and 197 at the moment but I think they were both 171 the first time) with 146 ilvl trinkets and can do layer 8. I did Twisting as well as soon as it was released while Unceasing Chainlink was still bugged and fell off randomly. I clear every monster in there and I've also done "speed" runs where a layer 8 takes about 7-8 minutes total on my main.

    First and foremost, don't do it as Outlaw or Assassination. Everything I said above, I tried it as Outlaw one day just to see why a rogue in my guild was saying it was difficult and that's why, I haven't tried it as Assassination since the buffs but if you have daggers for Assassination just do it as Sub. Sub spec just destroys Torghast talents 2321331 - you can siwtch a few talents (Nightstalker, MFD, Shot in the Dark), but always Soothing Darkness. In terms of powers I'd say Unceasing Chainlink is the strongest power in there for us, Jack of All Trades and First Steps are a close 2nd but they're mainly for elites/bosses. Silent Footpads is great as well. Evis damage is good as well. Outside of those it's largely common sense, +haste/vers/mastery, heal on hit, etc. Avoid all the Vanish because you're solo. If it's not + damage in some way or + health if you struggle, ignore it. I haven't tried it as Kyrian but the Venthyr ones, while good, aren't mandatory and as Night Fae there's a few tricks you can pull with the Sepsis powers that are fun but again, not mandatory.

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