Recently came back to WoW and have been playing a lot more often. I have raided heavily in years past and looking to join a guild to raid again a couple nights a week. I mainly just play solo as most of my old guildies have stopped playing and I’d like to enjoy the camaraderie of a raiding guild again.

I’d like to raid on my UH DK and have 10/10N experience so far by just pugging in LFG which isn’t so fun. I know my classes well and I enjoy maximizing my classes abilities. Would love to join a guild that is progressing on Heroic as I believe I’d fit in well with skill and eventual gear.

Raiding times: Somewhere between 6-10PST 2 nights a week for a few hours a night.

Feel free to message me here or add me on bnet Timelydeath#1755

Thank you for reading!