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    Far from perfect, I'd still refer to Timeless Isles for the current "best" version of this type of content. That said, Mechagon was pretty darn solid.

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    Nazjatar is #2 on my list of least fun things I've ever done in WoW second only to the vanilla honor grind and just above Endless Halls (for Lucid Nightmare). Once I got revered I vowed I'd never go back, though I still do the emissaries but only the puzzle WQs because F that place.

    Mechagon comparatively was a LOT better and already leagues ahead due to the anti-gravity packs. My gripes are the gross amount of crap you have to hold onto that's decimated my inventory space and the ridiculousness of the meta achievement though, to be fair, the meta for Nazjatar isn't any better and arguably worse because that place sucks so much.
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    The only way one could call Mechagon "the perfect social content" is by ignoring how anti-social the content is. There's no social aspect, and it's all easily soloable.

    Everyone being in the same place =/= social content, or the Maw would basically be a step up from Mechagon in terms of what constitutes "social content." And you'll notice, nobody fucking likes the Maw.
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    I loved the zone, and if you see people criticize saying that "just calling rares" is not socializing, it's at least 100% more than whatever wow is offering right now.

    You had so much to do there all the time, and you would get a rush of adrenaline when someone called a rare that was too far away.
    I had fun there, and I'm pretty sure a lot of other people did.

    And if you hated it, know that the new Maw zone Korthia is probably going to be something similar.

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    if you call "when was *insert rare that drops mount here* killed" social then sure
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    mechagon > timeless isle, i liked both. tanaan jungle was too large of a area, aviana feather toy helped and using goblin gliders from high points

    they were all a loop race from point to point to get rares. particularly mount driven. something shadowlands has in all zones now with there being 2-6 mounts available in each zone, toys, pets, gear, and achieves

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