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    Dye system is much, much older than FFXIV and WoW for that matter.
    Black Dye Tubs in UO rings a bell...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowaasr13 View Post
    Are you a programmer that ever wrote anything related to automated graphics processing. No?
    I am indeed a software engineer who has actually worked on several graphical processing systems.
    And yes, if you want to do it terribly then by all means, just do a simple hue manipulation.

    There are plenty more steps required to make the system work properly.

    Relevant to hue manipulation though, changing hues would only work to a degree of success if you can change the hue of particular parts differently to other parts.
    So every single item would need a look at to identify which parts would change more/less than the others.
    And then its not a matter of deciding 'this belt can turn red, mark it down as a Red option'. Every piece of armor would need to have different color pallets of red, each being hand picked in regards to what suits it and the surrounding colors.

    Sure there are steps that can be automated, but unless these items were all designed that in mind (they wernt), the automation is not in place and would be a large undertaking to develop at this point.

    At its most basic, simply taking a set of green set of armor and sliding the Red up doesnt make it red verison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velshin View Post
    I know people will say it is copy of FFXIV. but why not?
    Post, can't see the original anymore since Blizz likes blowing up their forums lol

    Well, if you really want to see the original there's always the way back machine.

    Another post. This one from wowhead but it has a link to the original posting, also of course no longer viewable. This is actually the one (by Caydium I think his name is) the first post above is referencing. (edit: which is actually right below it rofl)

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    Won't happen due to tech limitations. That's the end of all discussion

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    I'd like it, but from what I remember Blizzard commenting about it, it's not really possible without remaking all the items thus far.
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    Money laundering, especially prior to his election? I couldn't give a flying fuck.

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    Neverwinter Nights did this 20 years ago its a shame a multibillion company doesnt do that in 2021

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    I think it's one of the "innovations" that WoW will need to introduce as next expansion feature. It's about time they do this.

    How will they handle it with current reward system that awards different colors of same armor models? That's up to them to solve.

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