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    What old zones would you like to revisit in a future expansion?

    Like Darkshore, Arathi, Silithus, Uldum, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, they added new, current content to existing zones to further the plot. And also destroyed Teldrassil and Undercity, but that doesn't really count.

    What other zones would you like to see revisited?

    Personally I really want to see an update to the Plaguelands. One restored and blessed by Alliance druids and paladins, one blighted to all hell by the Forsaken.

    Another zone modernized by goblins (or gnomes this time) like Azshara would be cool...

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    How about Gilneas still occupied by a sylvanas lead forsaken army working for garrosh hellscream?
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    Ashenvale. Canonically, it should be under full Kaldorei control. I'd like it to become an Alliance only zone. With Teldrassil destroyed and Darkshore being a perpetual war zone, we have no zone that is under complete Night Elf control.

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    Loch Modan I want the loch back.

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    Agreeing on Ashenvale but also because it needs a major graphical overhaul (maybe include Felwood). The tree models are more than ancient by now and if you look at Valsharah or the new WSG you can see the level of quality and detail the area could have.

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    The draenei and blood elf zones, they haven't been updated since TBC came out. Its about time that they get added to the main map and allow flying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    The draenei and blood elf zones, they haven't been updated since TBC came out. Its about time that they get added to the main map and allow flying.
    I'd like that, but just wonder how much work that would be, though. If memory serves, those zones exist in the Outland map (far away, out of sight, of course). Would have to transfer them from there.

    You'd also have to reconstruct the zones, especially Silvermoon and probably Zul'Aman. As Silvermoon currently exists, it's all smoke and mirrors.
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    The Alterac part of Hillsbrad could use some love. Outside of the outskirts being the stage for the end of the Hillsbrad chain, it got a whole lotta nothing. One if, if not the only zone in the game that actually had a net loss of content from the Shattering.

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    Honestly? I would rather they kept moving things forward, rather than backward, but I do understand the nostalgia drawing people back to certain zones. If I tried to list zones I wanted them to "revisit" it would just be a list of my favorite zones.

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    1) All of Kalimdor/EK, especially everything from Arathi Highlands to the north.

    2) All of Outland. Wonder e.g. what MU Nagrand or Shadowmoon Valley look like these days.

    3) Northrend, since the Scourge must be running rampant over there, and unlike in WotLK there is no hivemind we can target in order to make those ghouls/necromancers/frost wyrms chill (hue hue) down a bit.
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    All of them. I do think Shadowlands is setting the stage for that personally.
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    Zero. None. Unless they revamp the entire Vanilla zones, I don't ever want to go there again. Well... maybe Gilneas.

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    Eastern/Western Plaguelands fused into one Plaguelands megazone where your lvling quest take you through it and seeing how much it has been healed.

    Azuremethyst isle updated to include a draenei city with the Exodar refurbished as the "City Keep/Castle".

    Quel'Thalas fully restored and updated, including the damaged part. This would turn Quel'Thalas itself into a zone to quest in with only the place where new blood elf characters spawn being outside the city but into the zone. The quests would then all take place inside Quel'Thalas kind of like it did with Suramar giving us the first fully urban lvling zone.
    This would of course mean it will be Horde exclusive

    Eversong Woods/Ghostlands fused into one zone seperate from the new Quel'Thalas with the DeathHolme expanded as a new Forsaken Base given to them by the Blood Elves after the destruction of Undercity

    Darkshore/Felwood/Winterspring/Mount Hyjal fused into one megazone with a new Night Elf City(most likely in the Mount Hyjal or Darkshore part of the map). Given what happened to the Night elves it would make sense for the lvling of this zone to be all about helping the Night Elves rebuild and i do not think having Horde characters questing in it would be okay. Thus this would be the Alliance exclusive zone

    EDIT: in case you haven't figured it out, i am all for that full world revamp after we return from the shadowlands
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    Eversong Woods
    Ghostlands being restored along with Eversong Forest.
    Kalimdor being "repaired" after Deathwing destruction.
    Ashenvale being a nice looking forest for the Night Elves.
    Azshara being turned into a forest or a complete Goblin City.

    I really wish they could do something for the old continents and make them playable at max level, just like Elder Scrolls Online. It sucks that we have to stay in 10% of the content of ALL World of Warcraft. I hate this design, is so lame, old content get discarded right away.

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    The Barrens, Durotar and Mulgore. I wish I could go there for some regular events / dailys. I'm very nostalgic for those old horde zones.

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    Honestly I wouldn't mind a whole Azeroth zone revamp , maybe with some subterranean elements to them which could be part of a future expansion

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    Desperatly in need of a rehash. Among other places but this one is the 1st to pop up

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