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    Fantasy MW Patch Notes

    Imagine opening MMO-C one morning and seeing this on the front page. Wouldn't that just be swell? We'd be a real class just like all the rest.

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    Or just go simple:

    The damage of all mistweaver abilities has been doubled.
    All spell mana costs reduced by 20%.
    Healing of revival increased by 150%.
    Life cocoon increased by 250%.

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    Thats great feedback! In reaction we plan to reduce the costs of [Expel Harm] by 0.4% .. in the next major patch. Great right? .. guys?..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phala View Post
    Thats great feedback! In reaction we plan to reduce the costs of [Expel Harm] by 0.4% .. in the next major patch. Great right? .. guys?..
    This is priceless!

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    This looks great tbh, but blizzard literally dont know what to do with mw. like whats is its role? they really need a good raid cds or some sort of DR cd.

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    -Reduce mana cost of Enveloping Mist by 15-20%
    -Reduce CD of Revival to 2min
    -Give MW some kind of raid utility like shaman/druid have
    -Make Soothing Mist channel-able while moving like it used to be, and increase its duration to at least 10 seconds (but still require you to stand still to insta-cast EnvM / Viv through it)
    -Something to reduce the ramp-up time on Vivify AoE healing. Other healers can heal 4+ people just fine, but Mistweaver has to "ramp up" with casting REM and using Rising Mist for a good 10 seconds at least, before you can heal 4 people with it.

    That'd be a nice start.

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    I have been raiding as a MW for years, 3 months ago I finally gave up and unsubbed. I love my monk, I love raiding but I hate the state of my monk, I hate I have to work overtime to achieve what a stupid shammy do with one hand, I hate to push to the limits in m+ when other healers just cruise through it.

    I've resigned from my monk, from raiding and from the game (I dont have time to reroll or the wish to play another healer and I only enjoy healing since I started as a priest in Vanilla).

    Thank you for nothing Blizzard, you finally killed me!
    /rant off

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    - Mist Wrap (Talent) removed

    -Enveloping Mist now lasts an additional 1 second, and increasing healing received the mistweaver's other spells by 50%.

    NEW Talent - Mistweaver Level 15 - Spirit Ballz - Place a spirit ball on top of your target. When the target takes damage, the ball explodes, healing nearby allies for X and releasing 3 Renewing Mists to nearby injured allies.

    Chi Wave - damage increased by 150% and healing increased by 20%.

    - Mana Tea (Talent) Removed and Made baseline

    NEW Talent - Mistweaver level 30 - Elegant Tea - Your Mana Tea now reduces the mana cost of spells by an additional 25% (additive, 75% total) and lasts an additional 3 seconds.

    -Spirit of the Crane now also increases physical damage done by 10%

    -Lifecycles now reduces the mana cost of your next Enveloping Mist or Vivify by 50%.

    -Summon Jade Serpent Statue (Talent) Removed and Made baseline

    NEW Talent - Mistweaver level 45 - Dance of the Celestials - 3 Min Cooldown - Summons the August Celestials, reducing damage taken by allies within the dance by 10% and absorbing up to X damage, split between allies. Absorption is increased for each ally within the dance, up to 10. Lasts 10 seconds.

    -Refreshing Jade Wind - Mana cost reduced to 3% base mana. Now also reduces physical damage taken by 3% for affected allies.

    -Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane - Now provides immunity to movement impairing effects to allies within 15 yards.

    Focused Thunder - Changed - Thunder Focus Tea now has 2 charges. Each Thunder Focus Tea will cause you to release 2 bolts of Essence Font toward nearby allies when consumed.

    Upwelling - Changed - For every 6 second Essence font spends off cooldown, your next Essence Font will heal for 50% more, up to a max of 200%.

    Enveloping Mist - Mana cost reduced from 6% base mana to 4%.
    Essence Font - Mana cost reduced from 7.2% base mana to 6%.
    Life Cocoon - Mana cost removed.
    Invoke Yu'Lon, the Jade Serpent - Mana cost reduced from 5% base mana to 2.5%.

    Convenant -
    Weapons of Order - Mana cost removed
    Fae Stomp - Mana cost reduced from 4% base mana to 2%
    Fallen Order - Every 3rd spirit summoned will also summon a Celestial that will use Enveloping Breath at 25% strength
    Bonedust Brew - Changed - Hurl a brew created from the bones of your enemies at the ground. Targets that touch the brew are coated for 10 secs. Your abilities affect the target a second time at 25% effectiveness as Shadow damage or healing. Gust of Mist heals target with your Bonedust Brew active for an additional X.

    Yeah, I'd go pretty ham with changes.
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    my thoughts:
    - soothing mist would be in a better place: weaker in some points (more mana costs, casts no longer instant) while having strong niches (healing while moving, pre-big-hit soothing for tanks). It would be too costly to have it always running, but good reasons & moments to use it in many situations.
    - shadow boxing would easen the burden of switching between fist&mistweaving a bit and make us less vulnerable to repositioning issues. it would also lower the tedious work of constantly reapplying Renewing Mists - especially with things like Chi-Ji up, where you want to spend as little GCD on non-melee activities as possible.
    - Tiger Palm & Blackout Kick especially to help with low DPS. Right now only Rising Sun Kick feels rewarding and ATotM Legendary has some very weak downtimes. With stronger Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick cleave (aswell as Cleaveheal with ATotM) these abilities would feel way better to press
    - Expel Harm as it cannot easily be removed due to beeing important for Brewmaster & Windwalker, this abilites could aswell feature some absorb mechanic that is completly missing in our toolkit.
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    That Life Cacoon the OP suggested with the detonation at the end, and the stacking stam debuff that falls off, is outstanding. Great Idea

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