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    9.05 Deaths Due

    In the previous patch when using DW you would gain 1% str per weapon hit of obliterate so 2% each attack up to a max of 8.
    In 9.05 we gain 2% each obliterate hit up to a max of 4 stacks of 2% each up to a max of 8.

    DW didnt actually get the buff at all, we only got it buffed for 2h or am i missing something here.

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    Honestly sounds like they wanted to bridge the gap between dw and 2h. Thats how I assumed it wld be when I read it

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    you get to the 8% in half as many globals so it's a small gain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endorus View Post
    you get to the 8% in half as many globals so it's a small gain.
    Prepatch, dw was gaining 2% per obliterate because of it technically being 2 strikes, where as 2h was only gaining 1% cause it was 1 strike. Now 1 obl for 2h is gaining 2% and dw is unchanged, so even now.

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    It changes absolutely nothing than making it easier to reach the full stacks for all 3 specs

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    I, think, get the full stacks with 2 cleaving Obliberates. Om sure about that. But i Just got into the DK, its amazing BTW, so ill post again when in done from work and have tester proper.

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