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    Problem with Clique Mouseover Macros

    Hey folks,

    I have problem with Clique on mouseover macros targeting enemies.
    I want to use the following macro:
    Note: The (add) parts are there because mmo-champoin thinks I'm posting links when I use the Symbols...
    /cast [(add)mouseover,exists,harm] Counterspell; [(add)mouseover,exists,help] Remove Curse;

    It works perfectly fine if binded on a normal key, but in clique only Remove Curse on friendly targets work,
    not the Counterspell on enemies.

    I also tried only the Counterspell part, but nothing that targets enemies works in Clique for me.
    It also doesn't matter if I target the enemy itself or the nameplate.
    Deactivating Plater, doesn't make a difference.
    I also tried many different macros from many different sources, almost everything works on normal keys and
    nothing in Clique.


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    i use clique for my primary healing skills. i don’t remember needing them on the skill bars but i keep them on my bars to track cool downs so maybe i have never Nox Vidmate VLC noticed.
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    What is the keybind? If you are using left click or right click try using a shift / ctrl modifier. I have the below on my right click:

    /cast [@mouseover, nodead,nohelp] Moonfire; [@mouseover, nodead,help][] LifeBloom

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    In clique, on the part that shows the spell you've bound, right click it and choose 'enemy' as well as or instead of 'default'.

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