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    Eyes Wide Shut.

    Hated that movie. Kubrick is so vastly over rated.
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    *I* have never walked out of a movie early - because as others have said - dangit I spent the money and even if its worse than I expected I'll sit there and finish it! Thankfully, at least for me and my tastes, rarely has a movie been SO BAD I've even thought about leaving. Usually if its that bad I'll stick it out because then its just silly-bad.

    Battlefield Earth was one of those. I went with a few others and we didnt walk out - but we still all agree its the worst movie any of us have ever seen. Ever. (Theater or otherwise). We were laughing and MST3King it by the end, but we didn't just leave.

    My husband and a friend of his did walk out before the end of the first Fast and the Furious Movie. They made it to like the last 20 minutes and the theater lost power due to a storm - they decided to leave rather than wait the 10 minutes or so it would take to power the place back up and finish the movie. If they hadn't lost power they probably would have finished it, but once given the chance - they didn't want to and agreed it was horrible.

    Watched Schindler's List in the theater when it released. When that movie was released a lot of local theaters got free tickets to give to local high school history class students and such (at least in my area) and so we all went by the dozens around age 15-17 to see it. I had a friend who had to leave during the "Ghetto Liquidation" scene - but not because it was a bad movie; she just couldn't handle the realness. She didn't return to the movie - saw it later at home. So again, not because it was bad, but because it was that good - and too much.

    Same thing happened with a friend of mine watching the Rob Zombie Halloween I remake (which shows Myers as a pre-teen) - and he's still not sure why he had to leave for a few minutes. He grew up watching horror, same as me. We first bonded our friendship over the Halloween movies and our love for horror. He is a child psychologist - none of the movie was 'shocking' for him. But something about some of the more violent scenes with Myers as a kid, really hit him wierd and he had to take a 10 minute break in the middle - but he returned. And does like the movie. He just had to take a break that still confuses him.

    So there can be other reasons to leave movies besides them being bad.
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    10,000 BC and Alien Covenant. Both movies were too stupid to exist and a total waste of time, so I walked out and asked for my money back.

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    None... I rarely go to the cinema and when I do it's mostly for some highly anticipated movie I really want to watch or safe bets like going to see new marvel movie with family or friends is always a safe bet.

    Even then, if I find something to be bad I can often enjoy the badness of it instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    I don't think I have ever walked out of the cinema during a movie , just wondering how common it was.
    I don't think I ever have either. Generally when I go and see movies it's something I really want to see. It's also worth noting that I stopped going to see movies in theaters once I got married, had kids, etc. The cost just isn't worth it to me anymore.
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    I've never walked out on a movie. But I have been watching a movie at a theater in which I saw multiple people leave early: in particular when I saw True Lies way back in the early 90s - multiple walked out during that movie.

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    Only once. Was with a group of friends, film was slow moving and halfway through a boring night scene my friend sat next to me looked over and said, "shall we walk out?". We both stood up, clambered over everyone and walked out. Don't remember the title or storyline it was that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kranur View Post
    None ... probably because I don't go to a random movie without knowing what it is.
    Pretty much this....though I came close with Phantom menace and Clone Wars...but was too much of a fanboi to do it.

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    Fell asleep during Lego Batman with the kids all 4 of us adults fell asleep lol.

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    I don't think that I ever walked out of a movie, I always wait for reviews before I visit (opening days are to busy anyway) and then see it for myself.

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    some 9/11 flick cant remember which first 30 minutes was just I left.

    My family walked out of 101 Dalmatians because my brother was having a meltdown..perfectly reasonable reason....

    Though there that meme of the Digimon movie that still makes me laugh everytime I see it

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    Second and third Matrix movies.
    Why did I go see the third? My cousin loved that shit.
    Second movie was holier-than-thou horse shit.
    Third movie was alright, but my girlfriend at the time wasn't having it so she kind of saved me and I stepped out for about an hour or so of it. Came back just in time to see the Dock defense scene which is the best thing about the entire series. Thankfully i left again before the god awful ending that lasts 20 minutes of carrie anne moss making us wonder how she is an "actress".

    Ohh I also walked out of some random... monster movie, one time. It was because it was so damn loud and the sound just ridiculous that I lost hearing in my one ear (on going issue from surfing/diving) so I dipped out. I dont remember what movie, I did see it though later, but I was half deaf for a few hours after I walked out so it wasn't that day.

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    The Last Jedi.

    Didnt see it in theaters but I would have walked out of Solo too. Turned that off about 45min in... i've never been so bored watching a movie lol

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    Several! But the most recent was the remake of Black Christmas. I like the cinema experience and go often (in the pre-plague times), usually once a week or so, and often alone, and so I see a lot of less-than-anticipated movies. Walked out of a few, but definitely and distinctly remember Black Christmas being just unwatchable garbage.

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    I walked out in a starwars movie, but a girl was wanting to... do stuff. That seemed more enjoyable and fun then the movie.
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    If I had been alone and wasn't the ride, I would've walked out of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Don't get me wrong, after seeing the first installment I had low expectations... but every time the two "sidekick" characters came on the screen, I just wanted to walk out and demand a refund at that level of cringe. Wasn't the only aspect worth of walking out by a long shot, as the story/script was beyond terrible and nonsensical. One of the last movies I saw in theaters, too.

    There's been a few movies that I've been pretty close to walking out but persevered through the screening. I'm a masochists, what can I say?
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    You know, it would probably take less effort to just ban the OP permanently, than it does to ban and unban and ban and unban and ban and unban him, just so he can keep coming back and making these idiotic threads.

    I'm sure someone there can figure out how to do that.
    Still calling them out, one infraction at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringthane View Post
    You know, it would probably take less effort to just ban the OP permanently, than it does to ban and unban and ban and unban and ban and unban him, just so he can keep coming back and making these idiotic threads.

    I'm sure someone there can figure out how to do that.
    Thing is..I'm 90% certain the guy is a bot. I'm sure the Mods are 90% certain the guy is a bot. I'm REALLY certain the guy is scrubbing data for some sorta social media thing. BUUUUT we really can't prove it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterymask View Post
    Thing is..I'm 90% certain the guy is a bot. I'm sure the Mods are 90% certain the guy is a bot. I'm REALLY certain the guy is scrubbing data for some sorta social media thing. BUUUUT we really can't prove it.
    Maybe they're just really nosy and don't have any actual friends to pester with questions?

    OT: The only movie I even came close was "The Gallows". I went to see it with some friends because they wanted to see it. I was just there to hang out. Whole movie was just cheesy and not in a good way. Only fun I had was the fact that the jump scares were so predictable I was able to goose one of my friends perfectly in time with them.
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