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    Almost exclusively fighting games. I’m good to great with multiplayer FPS games not named Warzone. I am absolute dogshit at Warzone. Normal CoD MP? I’m fine. Apex Legends? Very good.

    I love Soulsbourne-esque difficulty games. Same with sports games. I just cannot play fighting games. Or Warzone.

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    Chicken Drummer...he literally just spams these posts and the mods caught on to him...he's been banned a few times and it seems the second he got unbanned he made 2 posts and then immediately banned. Kinda half believe he's a bot.
    Poor guy just wants to chat with people about video games on a video game forum and gets banned for it. What a harsh place these forums are...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mask View Post
    Poor guy just wants to chat with people about video games on a video game forum and gets banned for it. What a harsh place these forums are...
    ....but he doesnt chat he makes the thread and bails

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mask View Post
    Poor guy just wants to chat with people about video games on a video game forum and gets banned for it. What a harsh place these forums are...
    I take it you never looked at his thread history or that all 327 posts of his are started threads.
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    I mostly don't care for FPS games. Except TF2 which I'm great at. Likely because it's the only FPS game that's actually managed to keep my interest long enough for me to get good at.

    Also I suck at fighting games. Tried Mortal Kombat and lost every match against other players. Discovered the main challenge in that game wasn't the actual fighting, but getting the game to understand all of your controller's inputs and do the moves you want them to do. Hard pass. Would probably try Smash though if it was on the PC.

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    Fighting games.

    I mean, I used to be really good at them back in the day when you went to the arcade to play them. I could beat most people I'd come up against at most of them. Hell, I was damn near unstoppable at X-Men vs Street Fighter and MK3.

    But nowadays people are analyzing frame data, running extensive scenarios and making on the fly calculations about which moves are + or - in priority. I'm just too old school to adjust to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayTuned View Post
    Came here to say guitar hero. It's not the rhythm that's the problem. I can't not attempt to make chord shapes or fret actual notes.
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    RTS for all the reasons Val already listed. I tried to play SC2 multiplayer when it came out, never even managed to crawl out of bronze. I can't even imagine how people manage to keep high APM or use proper microcontrol. I did less bad in games that either were on smaller scale (Dawn of War) or removed most of the tedium (Rise of Nations), but still wasn't even on decent level.

    Haven't played any fighting game since Tekken 3, I don't like memorizing so much shit and then learning how to properly counter it. Even in Tekken 3 I mostly mashed whatever buttons were available or was spamming one overpowered move (like flying breath attack on True Ogre or spin-to-win on Law).

    Racing sims or flight sims. This one is actually simple, they are unplayable on keyboard (unless you are very hardcore) and I'm too lazy to buy proper controllers.

    Rhythm games. I mostly struggle with controls, either when the game expects more inputs than I can process or just forgetting the buttons.
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    racing, fighting and FPS games.

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    None I can think of.. however I absolutely hate platformers and games that force fast pacing on the player, so basically everything from timers to fast paced RTS games with a lot of micro. I just don't enjoy them and tend to avoid them.

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    ...any part of any game where there is pvp

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    None. I shine in all game genres

    My least favorite ads BR tho over how slow they are, and I’m not into soccer so fifa loses me at the start menu.

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    Fighting games are just beyond me. I feel like it's one of those genres you really have to get into at a young age, as learning all the intricate details really is a bit of a nightmare.

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    So many of ya'll suck at fighting games...May I recommend Power Rangers Battle for the Grid and Fantasy Strike?

    Fantasy Strike is free and SUPER beginner friendly. No input commands to learn all the moves can be done with one button so you can focus on fundementals.

    Power Rangers is SUPER easy to learn, REALLY cheap, and all the moves are also assinged to one button. Though that has a crapton of DLC and if you hate wow's pvp meta you would HATE power rangers....ToDs (Touch of Death) galore

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    RTS. I am usually pretty good at games where I control a single character, but anything where I have to micromanage a bunch of different units doing different things in different places, I lose track of myself quickly and get overwhelmed by the speed needed. Also for whatever skill I have playing tactically in the moment, I absolutely suck strategically so planning builds and predicting moves long before they happen is not my thing.

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    Sport games i would say as i never had any interest in them except for hockey games. Fighting games i mostly mash all buttons instead of learning combos so that too
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    I suck at games that require controlling multiple units, such as squad or RTS games.

    Gimme a first/third person game any day!

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    None? I pretty much have a PhD in gaming at this point lol. Definitely better at some than others though, and also some games require a lot more effort from me than others.

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    I remember being really bad at combat in Witcher 3. It seemed way too complicated to me.

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