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    Yes , there are cheats for PUBG. I had the same problem in CS;GO but after a week or two my reaction became pretty dicent. If your are a boomer like me , every FPS game will be a strugle ,especially if you dont play that often . Cheaters make this problem even worse , you never know for sure is this your bad reaction or its chust cheater killed you . Not to mention that Valve doest eve care about this situation . The game is 15 years old and doest even have normal anti-cheat . Look, i am just 40 year boomer who whats to get a few kills and and good looking skins , glad i found *snip* for secong part.

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    Counterstrike. I once played competitive with a friend, and my team mate thought i was a bot

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    Rainbow Six Siege. I'm not even kidding. I enjoy the game but I'm bottom tier in ranked. Like the Copper V the lowest rank one can be.

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    I don't suck at anything, I'm just mediocre at everything.

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