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    Which video games do you absolutely suck at?

    I would say I suck at fighting games , like the recent WWE games have been a really struggle.

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    i suck at rts games like age of empires and starcraft. i can play lol pretty well because i only have to control one character. i do like playing campaigns in rts games though cause i love large scale battles.

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    FPS games, so I avoid them like the plague. I think the last one that I played that I was ok at was Descent or Wing Commander III back in the 90s. I just have never been able to get the controls and aiming down. Now as I've gotten older, I definitely don't have the coordination or desire to try and practice.

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    CoD & BF I have no awareness or reaction speed so it's always 30 deaths 1 kill and stuff like that.

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    Any games with synergies or ”meta” games. I cant believe how mind blown I was when I realized D3 skills and sets had synergies that enabled you to do 100 times more damage more or less. I have to pick all builds from internet I cant come up with any of that stuff myself and I mean: WoW builds, Civ strategies, Factorio templates, RTS tactics... the lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    I would say I suck at fighting games , like the recent WWE games have been a really struggle.
    Football games.
    I care so little for the sport that i just cannot even care when they make a vidrogame out of it.
    Consequentially i never got any better at them.

    The only good thing that came out of that stuff is bad jokes about Messi's messy name.
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    Sport games aside from racing ones and all fps games because of bad eyesight and astigmatism.

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    Dark soul games. Or Souls-like type games. I have no patience or skill for that type of game so I just don't bother. But I do enjoy watching others play. :P

    Also those games are just not fun for me, I get why people enjoy them though, so its a taste thing.

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    Very fast paced action games like Ys, fighting games, and RTS. Basically anything that requires me to put in more than two actions per second.

    RTS: unlike a turn based strategy game, you're not rewarded for taking your time to evaluate the situation, think through your options, and lay out a plan before proceeding. You have to be ALWAYS doing something. RTS games inherently reward the player who makes the most moves, not the best moves. Thus, it just devolves into hotkey button smashing, and I can't keep up. SC2 games are incomprehensible to watch, as all I see are people clicking across the map doing things so fast I can't understand what's even going on, and then suddenly one player loses and I have no idea how that happened. For the same reason, I have absolutely no idea what is going on when I watch a FGC match for Tekken or Marvel vs Capcom or Street Fighter or whatever.

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    Spatial awareness = meh at best
    Preparedness, deduction, reflexes, and memorization = win

    I can dominate at Tekken, but I can't find the milk in the fridge when it is right in front of me and I can't make accurate quick-glance decisions in competitive fps games. I can beat a timer, but really it depends on the activity.

    I mean, I'm not TERRIBLE at finding Waldo, but I don't think I could compete in FPS esports either....but you don't want to challenge me on something that requires a vast amount of useless intricacies. I do believe I have a photographic memory but I don't have the best short term spacial interpretive ability. I mean, I don't forget what I glance at, I just need more time to process it. However, the processing will be excellent once it is complete, lol. Loading....loading....
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    Fighting games, guitar/melody and reaction games

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    Any game that requires you to have high reflexes to be good at. I can still play something like a FPS decently against normal players, but at higher ranks I'd get rekt.

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    First person shooting games.

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    all of them.

    though anything that requires fast reflexes and precise timing/aiming - I suck more at.

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    Aaaand he's that didn't take long

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    Almost all multiplayer games. FPS and Fighting Games being the worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterymask View Post
    Aaaand he's that didn't take long

    On topic, strategy games. Its not so much that I suck at them outright, but when comparing myself to the top end players, its like they are playing a completely different game.

    Even though im not some world first raider, I more than carried my weight when we were actively dong mythic. I would watch the world first race sometimes, or watch one of them streaming, and although it was clear they were far more dedicated and committed to the game than i was, it was very relatable, to the point were sometimes I would see them do something and think "oh no way! never thought of that, what a great idea!". Compare that to when i watch SC2 competitive play, and im like that dog when the owner drops 200 tennis balls all at once and there head just about explodes.
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    Sites have their own audiences with their own specialized opinion makers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    Chicken Drummer...he literally just spams these posts and the mods caught on to him...he's been banned a few times and it seems the second he got unbanned he made 2 posts and then immediately banned. Kinda half believe he's a bot.

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    Any post-ps2 single player game. Sometimes it's just lack of knowledge that I'm too lazy to look up. I should just be able to pick up and play.

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