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    Demonology Idea

    My idea on how the spec should work. I posted this on a few youtube videos but thinking more into it I think i have come up with a great solution as how to fix demo.
    Each pet should change the way the spec works. For now it seems there is only one clear pet to summon and the others are just thrown into the wind as far as usage (From a PvE standpoint)
    When the imp is out all hand of guldan imps last 25% longer.
    I think this idea will let you focus more on single target rather then just using the felguard.
    This pet will just act as a tank for open world content and give you a dmg reduction buff(10% or so).
    Your felhound now transforms into two dreadstalkers and are out all the time. The dreadstalkers will still have the silence and consume magic, but they can also cast dreadbite. But once you have the dreadstalkers out you can no longer cast the ability to summon more dreadstalkers.
    As for this pet it will focus more on CC and knockbacks.
    Now the change for this pet is a rather simple fix. Let all of his abilities cleave, so it will focus more on trash mobs and times you need AoE. He can still maintain his ability to tank but not to the capacity of the voidwalker.

    Now I know a few talents would need to be fixed and switched around.
    Demonic Strength - since it only works when you have a felguard out. Let it double the effects of each pet's ability. As in the effects I listed above
    Demonic Calling - For this one it will give an on cast for your dreadstalkers to cast dreadbite.
    Soulstrike - Change it to it will make whatever pet you have out cast an it's primary ability and generate 1 soul shard. This way it's no longer limited to just a talent for the felguard. *I don't know why blizzard wanted to make the felguard the staple pet of demo.
    Grimoire: Felguard: Now for this talent let it change to something more. On a 2min cooldown it will duplicate all pets you have out with 50% less health. This way it won't be so broken for those who want to use Demonic Consumption. This way it will really seem like you have an army of pets.

    My dream idea is just being demonic being summoning massive amounts of imps and dogs out. Mostly the imps. I find it so cool seeing a massive horde of imps out around my warlock. I believe this spec is the most fun of all 3 specs.

    Now for the legendary items.
    Forces of the Horned Nightmare: This one will cause your imp to duplicate the amount of imps hand of guldan summons and transform your imp into a felimp granting it a felblast ability. Felblast will put a debuff on the target causing it to cause an explosion once it reaches a certain amount. Each time a imp casts fireball on the target it will gain a charge.

    And one more thing that is just a fun factor. Let us tame demons much like hunters. There is so many cool demons with so much work done. Let us finally go out and tame them. Most of them already share the looks of our pets already so it wouldn't be that hard. I know it's not something that can be done overnight but just something that I would like to see.

    I think this way demo will really feel like we are the masters of demons. I know I am asking a lot out of developers but demo really needs some love. It has such the potential to become something special but I feel like blizzard had an idea and just gave up half way through it. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas please feel free. Just don't be rude, I really want what is best for the warlock community and I am open to suggestions. Who knows what could happen if we band together peacefully and present this idea to blizzard.
    Now i know this will take some balancing. But I believe in this directio

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    No thanks, the idea of being forced to swap pets between trash packs, or even mid fight as a major mechanic is dumb, especially since you only do changes to a couple pets, while the succubus and voidwalker are untouched, and especially since everyone would just go imp
    imp increases your dps by a lot with literally 0 downside while felstalker makes it so you cant summon dreadstalkers anymore. and while yeah felguard does cleave, having imps last longer means you can do bigger bursts of implosion.

    horned nightmare would just make this even bigger deal as demo lock already has synergy with tons of imps.

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    I miss metamorphosis gameplay and dot snapshotting. Affliction and demonology will forever be hurt by the removal of those. At least demonology with its current spec idea has some kind of spec fantasy going on with its master of puppets summoner thing, which is nice but in terms of gameplay however....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalosh Whalescream View Post
    I miss metamorphosis gameplay and dot snapshotting. Affliction and demonology will forever be hurt by the removal of those. At least demonology with its current spec idea has some kind of spec fantasy going on with its master of puppets summoner thing, which is nice but in terms of gameplay however....
    This right here. Snapshotting effectively removed many DoT classes. Most do their damage through direct damage means now or through short lived DoTs, which don't really fit the original fantasy anymore. And MoP Meta-Demo was just the best design of builder-spender we got in the entire history of WoW.

    OT: Current demo is... okay, but not exiting. I really miss MoP Doom, it would fit perfectly into the new Demo as well, summoning imps and all. Current Doom is just a wasted talent slot, regardless of scaling. It's just a super bad ability.
    I don't think demo need this drastic of a change like suggested in the OP. The ideas sound nice, though, albeit they would probably be minmaxed to death and result in Demo warlocks playing one pet in one situation and requiring specific talent combinations to make this pet even work.
    What I would change about Demo:
    -Give my Pet his own GCD, activating pet abilities like soul strike and demonic strength should behave like axe toss and fel storm, not triggering a GCD for the player.
    - change demonic strength to be usable while fel guard whirlwind (fel storm) is active. Or grey out the ability while its not usable. Or rework it to buff fel storm is some way, passively.
    - Doom change like mentioned above
    - let CDs (especially Grimorie Felguard) line up with Demonic Tyrant.
    - make Nether portal instant and let it summon 1-3 demons based on how many soulshards you spend. I can't believe NP still wasn't changed to behave this way
    - not really necessary but would be nice: Let Kyrian class ability generate 5 soulshards over 5 seconds rather than instantly. Demo will always waste 1-3 shards. Also make all covenant abilities interact in some way with Demo; currently it's hardly worth to cast any of them except to get soulbind buffs (necrolords excluded here, but nieche build at best now).
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    The Fel Domination needs to be baseline with maybe a 10 sec cd. Our minions abilities are suddenly useful instead of forgotten on the dusty shelf.

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    Just give me the ability to change my felguard into the skins of other Demons --

    I need me a Succubus spinning around her whip.

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    It's actually a very good idea and worthy of more discussion and perhaps contribution from others. That's essentially how good ideas come to life, especially where creativity or tech challenges are involved. Back in the day, Warlock pets worked in a similar manner which you suggest, but somewhere along the line Blizzard lost sight of that.

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    Would letting demo locks have mirages of their demons following them solve this problem? Just an army of imps or whatever demon you tame follows you whenever you're in a city / traveling. In combat as demo is when you call them to battle. Your suggestions could also work being implemented as "aspects/passives" you alternate between. Also why not just make a summon voidwalker vs. Felstalker choice. Its not your pet forever but you can choose between the two during fights as you desire. I think making choice in permanent lock pets is the wrong way to go, give options during combat to do different things. Rn its basically just summon the demon thats off cool down highest on priority.

    Maybe base demo around choosing
    Fel guard vs. Succubus spender } 100% uptime on one
    Felstalker vs. Voidwalker spender 66% uptime on one
    Imp vs. Defensive vs. Utility dump
    Your big bad demon cool down could be the one who follows you but only ooc? Almost like the moment you enter combat he slaps you and says call me if you need me

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    The base issue is that Warlocks need baseline the utility all pets grant at a whim but for some reason people are married to the idea that Warlock demons are one and done, permanently. If all pets were rotation-level summon CDs and insta, of limited duration but short CDs you could bring back regularly and cycle between, doesn't that entirely solve the issue of not having a given pet active/sac'd because they would all be part of the rotation and thus liable to be available whenever you needed due to the short CDs? Just a thought.

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    I will never forgive Blizzard when they remade demonology into "master summoner" and what we got is essentialy imp or dog summoning class...
    Where are fel lords, doomlords, infernals and pit lords?
    I thought we are extremely strong warlocks lore-wise, and yet we summon DOGS and IMPS?

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