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    [ele] new / redesigned torghast powers are hilariously strong

    i know i know.. torghast is super serious content.

    but just wanted to share that the combination of new or redesigned:

    [Bottle of Swirling Maelstrom (Common)] Increases Earthquake and Earth Shock damage for Elemental (its a huge 150/100% increase)
    [Storm Conduit (Common)] now increases nature and frost damage by 50%
    [Heart of the Deathseer] Chain Lightning hits 3 additional targets and damage increases by 20% per jump

    is extreeeeeemly strong and fun even with just a couple of those mixed - especially since chainlightning and earthquakes base damage has been buffed nicely
    ran the weekly layer8 torghast grind and didnt expect much.. ended up with 300k+ earthshocks at the final boss (90k dps) and 200k dps aoe pulls at the 5th floor.

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    Yeah it's pretty good, especially if you get the free stormkeeper every 15 seconds too.

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    Yeah it's kinda fun to delete the end boss of a torghast wing during one flame shock duration
    The 3 dh spec is increíble.

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    If you like ele you can also try resto.
    The three powers you posted also work as resto, where Bottle of Swirling Maelstrom causes Healing Rain to deal Nature Damage to all enemies in it. In contrast to Earthquake that damage gets amplified via Strom Conduit, so it REALLY ramps up (and outdamages Earthquake when you get both together).
    You also get [Pure Elemental Core (Rare)] which causes your Spirit Link Totem to immediately deal 15/30% max health of any enemy inside it. Works great on bosses.

    Just give it a try, the advantage of resto is that you can survive/clear the earlier floors easier than Elemental, while the damage further down still ramps up quite a bit.
    Only disadvantage I found is that the normal Earth Elemental can't hold a candle to the Primal one.

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    The healing rain power is quite mental. Combine that with the earthquake elemental and you run the whole tower with pretty much 2 spells, chainpulling with breaks only to loot stuff. If you bother to do the latter, that is.

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    Yeah, I’ve started doing all of my runs as Resto; that healing rain power just MELTS groups, especially if you have several +nature damage powers
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