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    Suramar Masquerade question

    My Horde warlock is leveling through Legion timewalk. Despite having never set foot in Suramar, the masquerade extra action button appears when flying near or over Suramar City.

    Has the masquerade ability been made account-wide, or do Nightborne get it as a racial? (My warlock is Nightborne.)

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    I haven't had it on any of my alts lately, so I would think it's just a Nightborne/Horde thing.

    Unless it was a Shadowlands change, never had it pop up on anything but my paladin that I did Suramar on when farming Nighthold.

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    If you unlocked WQs on a main/alt, the unlock that happened in the SL pre-patch made it an instant thing now with flight being handed out without Pathfinder.
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