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    I dont think we can expect anything light and bright this xpac. SL is the edgelord of xpacs.

    CN is allright, but im not looking forward to the next raid. It will probably look more or less like Torghast and that place sucks donkeykongmeatballass.

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    Don't really care, honestly, as long as the encounters are interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    we have endured x raid tiers in a row with grim dark ugly caverns in a row. (CN, Nyalotha, crucible, uldir, antorus, tomb, nighthold, emerald nightmare. etc.) the only one with a different theme was battle of dazar alor.

    i mean holy hell.

    can we get more outdoor raids? in a jungle, or on a snowcapped mountain, some beaches, a resort, something. its getting ridiculous.

    not looking forward to 9.1 and probably Yet Another Dank Cave.
    Yeah bad guys really need to start hanging out in a resort at a sunny beach more.

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    Yes, please.

    I'd love a proper outdoors raid again like Zul Aman, parts of Ulduar, heck even AQ.

    The plains of Bastion could be nice, or a forest. Anything with a bit if nature that isn't dead or dying.

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    The worst version of a bright and sunny raid would be something antiseptic and byzantine like nighthold. It still gives off that cold blank feel. So something in Bastion would also be a fail if they went super heavy with all the cold stone architecture.

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    I if told you in 2005 that WoW would last 21 years and in that time they would not do ONE winter wonderland in the outdoors in the pines and a mountain raid, not one beach raid, not one jungle raid, you would get laughed at. But here we are. Its a lot like the dialogue problem. Blizzard thinks if the NPCs talk extremely constipated that it is good, dramatic dialogue. Its just stuffy stilted and boring. Blizzard thinks dark dank cave raid after dark dank cave raid must be edgy. Its just repetitive and boring.

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    I would like a snowy raid. A full slate of 8-11 bosses in a setting like Winterspring. Woods, snow, drifts, maybe crystal springs flowing by. That would be amazing. They should just let me be game director I would go in and fix like a dozen problems immediately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orwell7 View Post
    If you think about it, getting 10 bosses per 6-7 months is disgustingly low.

    More raids with more bosses with MORE VARIED mechanics leads to less balance issues, as the devs could finally show what they mean by "yeah classes are balanced, just the fights doesn't suit everyone equally". Go on Blizz devs, show us how creative you are and design 30+ bosses so every dps spec can shine!
    If Blizzard were a large multinational corporation you’d probably get that kind of money thrown at a game as popular as wow, but a small indie developer like them can’t devote that much developer time to the game they charge $15 a month for

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    Something new is always cool.

    For the most part though we are raiding enemy strongholds and lairs, and enemies tend to have their stronghold...inside?

    We have some courtyard type outdoor areas like Battle of Dazorlar and Nighthold, Highmaul, Hellfire Citidal, Throne of Thunder, Outside areas of Siege of Orgrimmar, some of dragonsoul, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derekbryer View Post
    If Blizzard were a large multinational corporation you’d probably get that kind of money thrown at a game as popular as wow, but a small indie developer like them can’t devote that much developer time to the game they charge $15 a month for
    They should be like FF which gives 4 bosses every 6 months in a generic room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLachyG View Post
    ... are you serious? you've destroyed your own argument instantly because not all of those raids are in a row. and not all of them are as you described. Castle Nathria is a castle, not a cavern. you've left off Eternal Palace (probably because it didn't fit your argument) also not the entire raid is as you describe - Antorus for instance had Eonar and the final bosses were in environments that were different aesthetic. Tomb also had different aesthetics for some of the bosses like Mistress and Kil'jaeden. Nighthold is also a really, really bad example for what you gave

    if you're gonna make a complaint, don't lie about things to make your complaint seem stronger. cause it doesn't work.

    edit: 9.1 raid is gonna be a tower, so not "Yet Another Dank Cave" (why on earth did you capatalise those words?) except you'll probably consider it to be that given that you think Nighthold was "Yet Another Dank Cave" despite it being obviously not

    edit 2: I agree with you, some different raid scenes would be nice. but I disagree with your argument as detailed above
    I think you're missing the point.

    Op wants more Sunwell and less dark colour palates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swnem View Post
    I think its indoor structures, not caves.

    I miss a mysterious cave like AQ40. But, generally, yes. I prefer outdoor. Also cause the devs keep forgetting their camera is an issue.
    Even in Spires of ascension they forget about it and the palmtrees in the first boss screw the camera and can get you killed. Also, that corridor in the sanguine depths that makes the camera go crazy if you aproach one of the sides.

    So, yes! More outdoors and stop blocking the camera!
    Oh my God yes please. If they are going to make dungeons with small corridors again then please delete the storming affix and do something about the camera.

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    Eternal Palace was an eyesore, and Nyalotha just made the scenery muddy. Castle Nathria is cool and all but they really need to stop with the dark colors. Oribos may become a raid so SL might not be all gloomy.

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    unless they open up a sunny zone in a later patch or release some sort of bastion raid which i doubt since there is clearly no such thing built into the zone already you'll likely have to wait for quite some time

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    Oh my God yes please. If they are going to make dungeons with small corridors again then please delete the storming affix and do something about the camera.
    storming is fucking trash and only affects mele in an already mele-unfriendly expansion. Shits gotta go its literally the only level 7 affix that negatively impacts only mele players

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    We've had a couple of raids that don't have the whole gloom, dark atmosphere, gritty feel to them. I feel like that is usually the more common theme for raids tho.

    I am always open to more variety. I think the new raid is in the Maw. I personally didn't think that was a bad idea, but as a great incentive for players to actually want to play it and stay subscribed. I think having some awesome Maw armors would be a great incentive. A lot of people enjoyed a lot of the NPC armors there, wouldn't it be nice if players could obtain some of this? Also the perfect raid for this to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanar View Post
    100 agree, the feeling of something going on inside is an exciting feeling.. mostly raids just serve the purpose of bossroom and nothing else.
    Agreed. Reading his post reminded me of the Grim Guzzler, even though it's also super drab it's supposed to be. It's a bad guy bar. But still there was more to do there than gather up mobs and aoe.
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