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  • Cataclsym

    108 63.91%
  • Warlords of Draenor

    61 36.09%
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    Easy choice, Cataclysm was my favorite expansion.

  2. #42 you really think you're just going to play the same expansion..forever? I mean people were getting sick of WoTLK pretty quickly and ya'll scream its the best expansion ever

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    Cataclysm had a decent opening tier but Firelands wasn't great and Dragon Soul was a terrible raid.

    Highmaul was a good raid, Blackrock Foundry was phenomenal and Hellfire Citadel was great.

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    I liked the gameplay in Cataclysm a lot so probably that. However this ultimately doesn't work because "the expansion" here actually just means the final raid tier, in which case WoD wins but ultimately gets boring too.

    If I had to pick one expansion and have it's gameplay be static for the rest of the game's lifespan I'd choose MoP in a heartbeat.

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    Cataclysm hands down.

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    OT: WoD with modern systems (wq, m+, etc) would be a good expansion. one of the best contenders for a "classic+" experience imo

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    Cata. 3 raid tiers > 2.

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    If the game was put into service mode with no new content I would probably lose interest and stop playing altogether. None of the expansions are good enough to maintain my interest indefinitely with nothing new being added at all.

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    its like asking what kind of cancer would you like to have lol

    but...i guess i will have to go with cataclysm....

    mostly because i have more classes i ejoyed in cata,the dungeons felt better,the way pvp worked was better,reforge still existed

    wod had better overall raiding,but it gets really bad at the end with the legendery rings making everything a joke

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    Of those two choices, neither. Cata was the worst expac followed by WoD as the 2nd worst.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dome Fossil View Post
    Of those two options? I'd go with WoD because there'd be more old dungeons to run for mounts.
    Basically this.

    I look at the game hollistically. If you're stuck in WoD for eternity, that means you are level 90 and you have classic/tbc/wotlk and mop to play as Legacy content.

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    Legion. I would have been fine with Legion's artifact system if it had been a permanent system with a hard cap on artifact level, the fact that it only lasted for the duration of the expansion really served to ruin the whole effect of it for me.

    Given your options I'd choose not to play, Cata was fun the first time and has zero replayability. WoD was blandness and orcs taken to the extreme, it wasn't even fun the first time through.
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    i'd prefer wod mostly because of class design. cata is when hunters got the rework and focus became a thing. hunter focus in cataclysm was a hot topic because things felt too expensive compared to generation and wasn't fixed until dragon soul with a set bonus. i liked wod, there was just no content worth leaving the garrison for.

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    Cata at least had dailies and the dungeons were relevant still.
    Legion made WoD's mistakes into traditions. It is my belief when all is said and done we will regard Legion as the beginning of the end.
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    Of those two? Cataclysm.
    Overall? WotLK.

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    And thus WoD in your poll as it has pandaria included..

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    tbh, i think these two areamong the worse expansions. I wouldn't play either of them even on a 1-2year period again.
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    I wouldn't play any expansion permanently. I need change or it gets dull.

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    Speaking of Classic bandwagon, for me it would be MoP or Legion.

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    I dont like either expansions, every second expansion after wotlk was bad (cata, wod, bfa).
    Although I like cata more, I would go with wod because it has more content in the game like mists of pandaria, which would be my choice if there would be an option.

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