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    Question Elem flame shock in PvP vs dispel spam?

    Recently been doing some BGrounds (not a fan of arenas) and it feels almost impossible to have Flame Shock up for even a few seconds.
    Some healer classes have PVP talents that greatly boost their dispel capabilities, being able to dispel multiple targets at once or even the whole raid within 40 yards and all that on a very short cooldown.
    And due to the number of players in BGs there are often several healers nearby protecting their teammates and dispelling magic.

    Without an active flame shock it feels like Elem damage is limper than a wet noodle.
    Lightning bolts tickle and without flame shock our lava burst does no better.
    Also getting multiple flame shocks active on several enemies seems impossible with the rampant dispels.

    Necrolord second flame shock is useful but because of the cooldown it is not always available.
    Talent Surge of Power requires to first cast Earth Shock which again is not always available due to high cost.

    I also experienced this from the other side, when i am playing on my Shaman, Druid or Paladin healer.
    I even pay special attention to an enemy Elem shaman to see how much damage he can do when i instantly always remove his flame shocks.
    Even decently geared elem shamans end up tickling my teammates as long as there is no flame shock active.

    Affli warlocks and Shadow priests got their unique mechanics to punish dispels but Elemental has no such protection.
    I always loved the theme of Elemental but if the healers are adamant to instantly dispel Flame Shock it feels like the spec does no damage...

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    The real kick in the nuts is that elemental used to have dispel protection for flame shock. When dispelled, the shaman would receive x% haste for y seconds. Never quite understood why it was removed.
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    auto pvp easy

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