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    We had a joke about dks warriors and paladins being wheelchair classes. You were always waiting for them because they only have burst mobility if mounts were unusable.

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    my man, you press 2 buttons, have 0 utility. that's fun to you ?

    your literally telling blizz the class is fine when it's not!

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    Overall it's just been a blast playing a DK - it's been by far the most fun I've had the entire expansion, and I just don't ever see myself going back to another toon (Pally, Hunter, Warlock) as my main. Blood is just fun. It's nice to see healing numbers go really big.

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    Blood DK Tanking is super strong and fun but a good Blood DK vs a Mediocre one is night and day. You are in charge of your survivability as a DK tank. I love it though but it can be scary at times.

    Frost is just crazy fun, no matter your build. I like the "No pet to manage" gameplay as a break from Unholy.

    UH, is really fun. You truly feel like a Necrolord with undead all over the place.

    The best part about DK DPS is that we have 2 specs that are both fun. If UH is under-performing just switch to Frost and Vice Versa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunslayer View Post
    Frost is just crazy fun, no matter your build. I like the "No pet to manage" gameplay as a break from Unholy.
    I rather like the frost DK's playstyle but one annoying issue it has, IMO, that it requires you to be 24/7 sniffing the boss' ass all the time, since you need to keep hitting it to prolong Remorseless Winter's duration and keep the RW debuff on the boss.

    Because keeping Remorseless Winter up for as long as possible is the biggest thing in our rotation, since RW up = +8% critical strike, which means more Killing Machine procs, which means more super-duper buffed Obliterate crits. And once the debuff drops from the target, it takes a whole 15 seconds to build the stacks back to 10.

    So in fights where you have to move away from the boss often or for long periods of time, such as the Jailer, it's rather annoying keeping that debuff up as much as possible.
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    It is really fun..

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    Melee vs holy trinity. Cool melee. Do you have alts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodakane View Post
    The best part of DK is playing as a Kul Tiran, dropping the haymaker to knock someone away then death gripping them back before they land
    That's brilliant.
    Not for any practical purpose but just for the comedy of it.
    Imagine how someone would react to that happening to them in pvp.
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    Blood DK is the most fun spec in the game for me, and honestly presents a game-with-the-game type playstyle with the huge health pool and large deathstrike windows.
    Once you get into difficult content and have UI tracking deathstrike well, it can get super engrossing. Where you just have your eyes glued to the health bar waiting for that right moment.
    Especially now with Purgatory there as a fall back.
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    I can't take it anymore, Mr.Nibbles...

    Frost dk needs to be buffed..

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    Blood is probably my favourite tank spec to play.
    Frost has big ass satisfying crits, and is very enjoyable for a fairly braindead spec.

    Unholy is kinda lame.

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    Loving frost but it does need a buff, at least for pvp, can’t comment on Pve.

    Unless you are on cooldowns and spam obliterate 3x in a row you don’t even notice the enemies healthbar move if they have a healer.

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    I don't know about DK.

    They used to be extremely fun in Wrath and then they were still nice in Cata, MoP and WoD. But then from Legion onwards the entire class has just been kinda meh. Blood DK is still somewhat fun, but I think that all other tanks are way more enjoyable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMugabe View Post
    I don't know about DK. They used to be extremely fun in Wrath and then they were still nice in Cata, MoP and WoD.
    Yea...when they first came out I had loads of fun with Unholy. I thought that spec epitomized the class. And when you raised an ally, he'd be resurrected as a ghoul. And "shadow of death" made dying just as fun.

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    Frost = boring as fuck.

    Unholy = a million buttons.

    Blizzard was never good at achieving balance. Everything must be either too simple and boring OR too complicated and annoying. It's very rare that Blizzard gets anywhere near the sweetspot where something is both fun and feels nice to play.

    Thank god they actually managed to hit that spot with the ret paladin rework, but more specs need a rework too (ww monk, feral druid, mm hunter, unholy dk, all rogue specs).
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    if you enjoy being in queue because u cannot interact with any affix its pretty fun, otherwise move along and play a shadow priest, you get reworked nearly every month and do stupid damage while interacting with everything.

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    max fun

    blood dk main.

    only not fun when you get 1 shot in m18+

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    DK (Donkey Kong) is incredibly fun!

    DK (Donkey Kong) is incredibly fun! It's a classic game that has entertained gamers for generations with its challenging gameplay and iconic characters like Donkey Kong and Mario. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the world of gaming, you're bound to have a great time playing Donkey Kong and relishing the nostalgia it brings.

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