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    Is it possible to ignore a thread?

    A lot of threads here stay alive when the op stubbornly sticks to a perspective everyone disagrees with, but it stays alive because people can’t seem to stop arguing with them.

    In the most recent of these (the inane “ranged tank” thread) I ignored the op but the thread keeps popping up.

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    I actually have a vested interest in this topic due to certain posters being EVERYWHERE and their inane responses bumping things into artificially heightened visibility. I'd love for ignore to go that deep that I don't see those bumps.
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    You can have said fewer words to get the "I don't want to see things I and others don't agree with" point across.

    I agree that Teriz is insufferable in every thread he creates or pops up in, but this thread in particular is ridiculous.

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    Apparently the OP wants to control how this website works just because he disagreed with some random guy in a thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chloe the Maid View Post
    Apparently the OP wants to control how this website works just because he disagreed with some random guy in a thread.
    Nah, it makes sense that if you ignore someone their stuff doesn't show up for you.
    And he's not trying to control the website, he's coming with a suggestion and feedback, as the forum suggests he should do

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    Imagine having so little self control that you need technical support for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    It's unlikely we'll change this. You can use various adblock extensions to accomplish that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Twoddle View Post
    I think this will work, only partially tested:

    mmo-champion.com#?#li.postcontainer:-abp-has(> div.postdetails >   div.userinfo > dl.userinfo_extra >   dd:-abp-contains(/^([0-9]|1[0-9]|20)$/))

    The first one already mentioned before hides ignored users totally, the second one hides users with a post count of 20 or less.

    Add it to the filters list in Adblock or uBlock. The bit between the slashes at the end is a Regex expression and means - a digit, or a 1 followed by a digit, or 20. It can be changed accordingly.
    That should work for your purposes. Since this isn't the place to complain about other users, I'm locking this.

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