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    Alliance [OC][A][Frostmourne] <Space Force Apes> is recruiting!

    <Space Force Apes> is a newly formed semi-hardcore Oceanic guild playing on Frostmourne Oce. Our goal is to clear the hardest content in raiding, rated PvP and M+ with a team-first mentality.

    We push each other to be their best while having a ton of fun along the way. We are heavily recruiting for our 9.1 plans - we will pursue cutting edge (mythic progression raiding), 2.2-2.4k in rated battlegrounds and push the highest keys in mythic dungeons for season 2. We are a mix of experienced raiders with CE history, rated arena players with multiple seasons at 2.2k+, seasonal key pushers and casual/social players, and we all have plans to achieve our goals in 9.1 as a guild and as individuals. We want to do things our own way with the right people that are passionate, dedicated and have a positive mindset.

    About our rated PvP: We are looking for all and any players wanting to push competitively, but we have a high interest in those with experience in group leading and target calling. If you are interested in PvP whether it be casual, wanting to learn or a competitive pusher there is a spot for you.

    RBG Times (All times AEDT): Tuesday / Thursday: 7:30PM to 11:00PM ~More time slots may open as players are recruited and team rosters are completed.

    Specifically we are looking for the following classes;

    Holy Paladin

    About our raiding: Our mythic progression team, currently 5/10M, is looking for several players interested in pushing Cutting Edge in patch 9.1 that share our mindset and passion for raiding. We are also looking for heroic-based raiders of all roles.

    Raid Times (All times AEDT):
    Mythic: Wednesday & Sunday: 7:30PM to 11:00PM
    Heroic: Thursday 7:30PM to 11:00PM.

    Specifically we are looking for the following classes for our mythic progression team;

    Holy Pally (Ret OS Pref.), Shadow Priest (OS Pref)

    For the casual and social player: Casual & social players are welcomed to join! You are not limited to any particular role in SFA and are encouraged to participate in guild events and progress yourself as/when you would like.

    All applicants are considered regardless of whether the specific class/role is listed above.

    Reach out to us if you are interested below:

    Discord: @ shoota#5101 OR @ nadya#2907
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    Bump, Still recruiting

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