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    Honestly, don't worry about it. Go level. Hit 60. Do catchup renown and finish your covenant campaign (choose Night Fae unless you strongly identify with one of the others). Save you anima as you do the campaign and you should have about 4k. Buy any covenant gear you don't get from the various phases of the campaign. Upgrade it all to 197.

    There, now half your gear is 197. If you like PVP, spam Epic BGs and get honor gear which starts at 158 (use it for slots where the covenant gear isn't available). AS you get honor upgrade the honor PVP gear to 197.

    Between the honor PVP gear and covenant gear you can get everything to 197 without much effort or time. THEN you can start refining your DPS etc.

    Obviously, do other content that you like and want to do - but the above gets you to a reasonable gear level the fastest after you hit 60.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xjan View Post
    So you missed the point that the scaling (and literally every expansion, yes its always felt like this) creating a dip in leveling and fresh max level damage.

    Stop talking about BFA numbers as if they're relevant. They're not, even for comparison.

    Not sure what kind of resolution you're looking for, yes the dps went down.

    Do some dungeons, get some gear, watch it go back up.

    Or just turn off the numbers completely.

    /console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 0

    Seems like we're reaching for something to be upset about.
    First, I'm not upset about anything.

    Second, I asked a simple question and wasn't directly expecting a resolution given the nature of the game and its creators but simply seeing what others had experienced.

    Third, since squishes always result in a specific character being a fraction of the pre-xpac releases levels, prior ilvls and dps contribute to the new expansions current character abilities.

    For something to be "scaled" (which I didn't miss by the way), there has to first be something to scale from. New toons aren't scaled. They're progressed through current content at current dps and item level specifications which may result in slightly higher or lower level DPS comparisons at a particular level to a similar toon that was scaled from BfA. Hypothetically, a hunter started in SL could have higher or lower DPS at level 50 than a hunter brought from BfA depending on the BfA toons statistics prior to the squish.

    I'm no expert as I don't work for Blizz and don't have inside information as to how they scale existing toons to a new xpac. I'd really be interested in seeing statistics from actual players with level 50 toons showing what Simulationcraft says they should be doing in Shadowlands before starting the Maw questline, and someone who has actually leveled a toon in Shadowlands to level 50 just to see a comparison of how the scaling compares to normal leveling.

    If I'm out of line actually trying to discuss something in these forums, I welcome an administrator to let me know so I don't violate the purpose of them.

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    Turn on WM, pick Prickling Thorns and Deep Roots, tag a mob with Moonfire and then use Entangling Roots. Watch as Entangling Roots does literally more than twice as much damage as moonfire+sunfire combined.

    Boomkin is broken as hell in open-world content with that pair of PvP talents.

    Also yes, it is by design. You're always nerfed going from end-game gear to leveling gear in a new expansion.
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    Simulationcraft also assumes ideal conditions----upper tier video card, ram, interface, etc.) Last night playing with intermediate video card, 200 meg internet, 60hz screen refresh and 40-60fps play rate...

    Just lol..

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