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    lol garbage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nerovar View Post
    They had no prior build-up and instead tried to leech off of already established things people are familiar with. The Scourge? Maldraxxus did that. The Lich King? The Jailer did that. Frostmourne? The Runecarver made that. Sargeras corruption by demons and everything resulting from that? Also the Jailer's plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    Sub=when your time runs out, it will automatticaly renew you run out of time it refreshes 1/3/6, then in 1/3/6 months it refreshes again.
    Game time= you have 0 months, you add 2, then you can add 2 again making it 4, then add another 2 making it 6.
    Yeah, but if you're subscribed and you're thinking "I'd like to keep playing for a few more months" I don't see why you'd buy extra gametime instead of just remaining subscribed. Seems kind of pointless to me. Oh well, I only use subscriptions anyway so this doesn't affect me. Seems like a cheap moneygrab by Blizzard though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumy View Post
    Changes to Purchasable Game Time Options
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    We recently conducted a review on the available services in all currencies. Based on this, we have decided to alter the available Game Time options in the Blizzard Shop. As of today, the Game Time options of 30, 90, and 180 days have been removed and Game Time is only available as a purchase of 60 Days.

    North America
    • New Game Time Option - USD
    • 60 Days Game Time - $29.99

    • New Game Time Option - EURO
    • 60 Days Game Time - €25.99

    Please note that currently, the options and pricing for the purchase of both WoW subscriptions and WoW Tokens will remain unaffected. Also, any Game Time that has already been purchased for an account will not be affected by this.

    We appreciate that players choose to spend their time with World of Warcraft, and we are committed to ensuring the game continues to provide players with great entertainment value.

    If you would like to review your World of Warcraft Game Time and payment method, you can do so through Blizzard Account Management at any time.
    No hate, but oddly enough this might be what makes me quit, since in practice i only played a month at a time maximum usually.
    And since i like neither the hassle of resub/unsub nor overpaying for the subscription... well, i'm somewhat curious to see what further responses and changes it will inspire.

    It's not this alone of course, just the drop that spills the bucket.
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    They're going for the "I hope they forget they're subbed" Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc etc model. Don't want people to buy big month chunks because then they can let it expire but if they can make a person forget about a monthly sub, that's a win for them.

    People think far to skin deep on these issues, it's all a calculated move supported by their bean counters about the average amount of moneys purchased on accident without further playtime during the period of it's activity. etc. Inactive accounts with active subscriptions are a huge part of profits for these sub based corps.

    Yes you can purchase a month at a time but that's "inconvenient" so they let you buy two but ehhh, that's still not enough. "This new expac will last me at least 3 months!" they say and then just put it on monthly. Three months go by and they weave out of the game slowly and subconsciously but forget to cancel that sub. The people who forget to cancel for those one or two extra months more then makeup for the people who buy a six month chunk.

    Inconvenience has become a very profitable business model for these corporations. Whenever you see something that is just slightly annoying, think of the deeper meaning to decisions like this. It's all about the money.
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    Lol obviously we can read all the people who can't comprehend anything and urge to shit on Blizz as usual.
    It's so funny to read this site from times to times.

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    that is absolute bummer! i always purchased game time for 6 months as i didnt want to sub... my gf just started playing and wants to buy game time by the month for now to see whether or not the game is up to her liking... well so much for being cornered now..

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    This is just the first step, its like the frog in the heating water. It wont notice until its too late.

    Next up is WoW Tokens and Subscribtions forced into 60 days.
    This way they drain the people who just play a month around patches. Someone in a suit at the HQ looked into the spreadsheets and came up with this as a way to profit even more on that segment.
    Sad, so sad. The result will most likely be that a TON of people wont even bother playing around patches and just stay away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    I do indeed think that doing 2 month subs is very... odd, also dodgy practice. Maybe too many people only come back for a month? Anyways, there is certainly a financial gain for them which will affect players who are only subbing/unsubing to play a month and they want to tap that... Very mixed feelingss
    Its not 2 month sub.. its 2 month gametime.. SUB is still 1/6/12 months but you can only buy 60 days straight off now.

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    Something tells me that they quietly will remove/offer way less game cards to be bought in stores and with that killing the discounts the online stores do

    And with that, receiving way more because that country's that alow cheaper game cards will not be available anymore and everyone (even from that country's) having to pay more

    Maybe doesn't happen but with Covid19 excuse its the perfect opportunity to do it

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    So now I need to be charged higher since I am used to get 6 months game time time after time. Whatever with your cheap greed Blizzard, I bet your CEO will get a bigger bonus next year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltii View Post
    With the recent subscription price hike Blizzard really need to stop charging for expansions and spending time and resources on making mounts to sell. I mean, how many more ways can they find to wrestle the cash out of our wallets and into Bob's private accounts...
    The price hike for some places is cause of inflation my dude

    wow has had a 15$USD sub for 17 years coming on, by inflation standards it should be nearing 20$ a month if it grew with inflation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Primus View Post
    So now I need to be charged higher since I am used to get 6 months game time time after time. Whatever with your cheap greed Blizzard, I bet your CEO will get a bigger bonus next year!
    or you can just sub instead of buyying gametime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezzet View Post
    Its not 2 month sub.. its 2 month gametime.. SUB is still 1/6/12 months but you can only buy 60 days straight off now.
    yeah, read that again and deleted that comment. I can't imagine that this will affect a lot of people at all. I did not even know you can buy gametime online, not in the physical store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhorteye View Post
    The old subs are still available, you just have to look deeper for it.
    And by "look deeper" he means "just use your basic reading comprehension skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemos daemonium View Post
    Token prices/time haven’t changed so you can just turn them directly into game time so there’s no nerf to subbing from gold as long as your not just banking it all.
    Of course it is a nerf. Until now I exchanged token bought with gold for balance and bought 6 month gametime with it which had the same discount as a 6 month subscription. Now the discount is gone so I have to buy more token with gold to get the same gametime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltii View Post
    Not according to the blue post you obviously didn't read properly.
    I'm sorry what?

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    Not sure what the big deal is. If you really want the month-to-month option just sign up for a sub and cancel it. Same amount of work as going in and buying game time.

    Some of you getting worked up need to find hobbies that don't infuriate you every day.

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    So if I buy game time with gold converted into Bnet balance, I can no longer get 6 months' worth of game time with 5 tokens anymore? Am I understanding this right? Awesome...

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    Seems unnecessary.

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    Many times I play for one month and then take a break for another. This may actually make me sub even less.

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    Just makes it less likely for people to purchase game time for a friend. I've been in a situation where I was unable to pay, and a nice friend bought me a month so I could continue playing with them. Would that friend drop the extra $15 to get me two months? Probably not.

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