finished yesterday, good watch, good scenes, i personally didn't like much the adolescent humor/cringe moments, but i see why they are there.

Overall the story is good but i think it was too much cliche, it was just bad supeperman, if he was sent to conquer.

What i imagined at first was he doing all this shit to make his son the "best hero ever", like making himself the villain, "i will take the hearth mightiest heroes, so no one will be elft to defend it, so everyone will relly on my son, they will see how he is great, he will also learn to be a hero in the hard way, then i will let everyone know it was me, the mightiest villain of all, and my son will defeat me, making him the greates hero" thats why he became so weird when his son got his power

Cause honestly to me, it made no sense to do those things just about when his son got powers, it would be insanely better doing before or after when he could have "prepared" his son, making him change side slowly. I know the excuses and all, of "he didn't how the empire would treat him" or "it was that moment that made his duty click again" but to me just don't make sense and is more likely a plot hole.

Also went for the comics to read things and shit got pretty wierd