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    Quote Originally Posted by Bee76 View Post
    1. Place: Visions, hard at the beginning, rewarding, u could raise your own difficulty level
    2. Place Magetower, nice skillcheck
    3. Island, rewarding in both charprogression and gold, but there was literally no need to do them if u dindt want to

    long time nothing

    999. Torghast:
    Boring, stupid Chore, fighting always 3-4 mobtypes per stage, no challenge at all, besides staying awake. Unrewarding, unimportant for charpower and to make things even worse: we were forced to visit this sh*thole of hell for soulash...
    Animaperks are unblanced, if you play a class with good perks you were able to aoe grind this fast. if you play a class with bad perks it took way longer.
    oh and of course, if u got a broken endboss, you wasted your time...
    Visions and mage tower "skill check"? What. Hard? What.

    So the endboss in Torghast is "broken" if it's too difficult for you? Insert kekw emote here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heheszek View Post
    torghast visions islands maws and other sh1t shouldnt be required to play competitive
    if u did max lvl of any of them, it should prove u put enough effort to unlock certain things and you should go on

    I quitted SL like 1.5 month after season started, logging every day to do maw, torghast, daily quests (callings for best conduit, they said its not essential, but at the end of the day it was more than emissaries, because from emisaries u could get equivalent of item, from callings u get conduits that u just can;t loot normaly for example doing pvp), playing game shouldnt be like a second job
    in older expansions (before legion) i wasnt forced to do so much casual stuff to play a game in my manner

    but its a win win for them, player like me probably would quit anyway, many sheeps continue their advanture because they have goals and rewards

    and now i cant even buy gametime for 1 month to check if its worth coming back without sharing my credit card info
    Yeah, totally sharing your credit card info indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohwell View Post
    That was never its intent so thanks for your input?
    That's literally the reason why everything in the game exists.
    "There is a pervasive myth that making content hard will induce players to rise to the occasion. We find the opposite. " -- Ghostcrawler
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    I love Torghast. Liked Visions. Islands could have been executed better, would love a solo queue now to revisit them. Mage Tower was not for me, I have no e-peen I need to flex.

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    Islands without a doubt.

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    well the difference i guess is twofold.

    Reward vs Fun
    hate or love them, islands gave decend rewards, cosmetics or AP. But was not fun.
    Torgcast gives very little(expect legendarys but who dont have shitton of ash by now) but it's very fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonfetus View Post
    That's what I think. Add some cosmetics/mounts to Torghast. Change the tile set a bit more like they do in Da Other Side/Islands. Make twisting corridors 12 instead of 18 floors. I would actually grind it. Soul ash rewards stay as is.
    Na, the cool thing about twisting corridors is that it takes 18 floors and you get a nice bunch of anima - 12 floors would be far to quick. That said, yeah they should add more rewards to it, maybe some currency similiar to island expeditions? Recolours of the MoP Cm sets (I would kill for the red version of the paladin one!). As it's now, you do twisting corridors once for the mount and you are done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohwell View Post
    it just shows a somewhat unoriginal "hatred" for Torghast that you really only picked up from someone else because you thought it was "cool" to say Choreghast.
    Or i could be one of many that tested earlier iterations of Torghast and was genuinely exited about what it can become only to see Blizzard devolve it to current state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asrialol View Post
    Visions and mage tower "skill check"? What. Hard? What.

    So the endboss in Torghast is "broken" if it's too difficult for you? Insert kekw emote here.
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    U may want to read my post agian. Yes 5 Masks Vissions was hard at low leggy ranks, and yes magetower with shitty gear at release was hard aswell. Ofc if u did it with fotm leggy and outgearing it, it was easy. andyes i did finish mt on my main in the week it was accessible. and maybe 1% of the playerbase was able to do that.

    And yes, again, you may want to read my post again. On release, there were broken endbosses. And yes, your run was over then. u may want to put ur lol kek emote right in front of your understanding skills.

    but hey at least you have proven that you are an edgy cool rul0rboy, if you feel better then, you rock

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    Islands are terrible. Torghast can be a chore but it's not bad content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojusk View Post
    wanna share how you made it fun?

    EDIT: i meant 10 mins to get the weekly cap, i did it with guildies and we pulled half the island and nuked it all within a few secs. im sorry but its just not what i find fun or challenging. fast and easy sure.
    I already said, A.T.O.M.I.K. before it was removed.
    BfA > Wotlk > Cata > ... > SL > WoD ~ TBC > Vanilla > ................ ? .............. > Legion
    You said corruption was great system. Can't find it and proceeds to lie again.
    Legendaries were such a great system I had them all before blizz lifted softcap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electric Lighter View Post
    Who is second place to mage tower for solo content?
    Islands were super super bad.......but Torghast is probably the worst steaming pile of dung that have ever come out of Blizzard.
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > ShaLa > MoP > BfA > WoD = WotLK

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    My bad, World Quests are more fun than both of those.


    Times 10.

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    Islands would be second. It wasn't exciting or thrilling after the first few times but I judge it on this: If a friend said "Hey, I am done with anything important, let's go run XXX for fun", would I go? Torghast is not something I would do with anyone who was just out of things to do and needed some light content. Torghast has nothing for me inside.

    Islands on the other hand still have mounts and transmog that I do not have. If I could que up solo for Mythic, I would be doing Islands now and not be on this I had a lot of fun with friends on Islands and started groups a lot to farm Islands. I never met a nasty person in my groups the entire expansion. Each of us cheered the other on when it came time to open a salvage box. If someone said "Hey, I need 7 more doubloons to get a box", we always just ran another Island for them.

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    honestly, until torghast came out i didnt think they could outdo themselves on completely trash content but they one-upped themselves again. Islands were awful, torghast is also awful but its the same every single time

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    1. Horrific visions are by far the best solo content they have ever designed. The main problem was the pacing of the upgrades, one week 5 masks was impossible to do, and then the next it was suddenly a piece of cake
    2. Islands were fun for me, pulling/dotting/aoeing as much trash as possible without dying. (Interesting to note how the 'community' hated islands because its 'mindless aoe' but praised reaping affix even though its 'mindless aoe')
    9997/8. Thorgast/Brawlers guild - same shit for a warlock main. The voidwalker deals with all the mechanics and you just end up fighting target dummies for a prolonged amount of time
    9999. Mage tower - 5 minutes of watching a video and then 5-10 minutes of applying what you saw in game. Pointless piece of shit, I don't get why is this forum so obsessed with this shit.

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