View Poll Results: When did you level the most alts and how many?

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  • Vanilla (3 or less)

    1 0.30%
  • Vanilla (4 or more)

    2 0.60%
  • TBC (3 or less)

    1 0.30%
  • TBC (4 or more)

    4 1.21%
  • Wrath (3 or less)

    4 1.21%
  • Wrath (4 or more)

    32 9.67%
  • Cata (3 or less)

    4 1.21%
  • Cata (4 or more)

    17 5.14%
  • MoP (3 or less)

    3 0.91%
  • MoP (4 or more)

    27 8.16%
  • WoD (3 or less)

    2 0.60%
  • WoD (4 or more)

    64 19.34%
  • Legion (3 or less)

    8 2.42%
  • Legion (4 or more)

    119 35.95%
  • BfA (3 or less)

    1 0.30%
  • BfA (4 or more)

    26 7.85%
  • Shadowlands (3 or less)

    5 1.51%
  • Shadowlands (4 or more)

    11 3.32%
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    WoD for free gold and because the levelling was actually enjoyable.

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    Legion, but I wish I would have gone after more Mage Tower appearances.

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    CATA 100%. Leveling was quick. Gearing regardless of pvp or pve was quick and painless. All around great experience.

    I still say anyone that thinks cata wasn't the best all around wow expansion as far as gameplay is either crazy or didnt play it.

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    Wod obviously, free tokens.

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    Legion for sure, dunno whats up with SL, i do like it but meh for alts
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    WoD - bank was made that expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyel View Post
    Legion, due to Artifact weapons. I just loved the system. I had 11 max level characters in Legion, more than in any expansion before.
    Same and that's how I got burned out. Also you have to consider that Legion had some of the better ability to level alts from WoD level to Legion once invasions became a thing as it became super easy and fast. BfA invasions worked as well, but it was basically the same thing.

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    From level 1 to max? WoD. Leveling was so fast and fun even in the last 10 levels. The XP potions, the heirlooms were still crazy OP, enchants and everything. Aaah. I leveled many many characters in WoD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hortrorog View Post
    It's objectively became better both from lore and gameplay perspective.

    On the main subject, I leveled all the healers in Wotlk-Cata, and everything else in WoD-Legion-BfA.
    I think Legion was the most fun class wise for obvious reasons.
    true but that didn't prevented interest to be lost for me; this proves a game is more than gameplay and lore for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wangming View Post
    Hello every everyone. Between all the doom and gloom I figured we should do something constructive. Admittedly it is still related to the delay somewhat, but only indirectly.

    I'm talking about alts. Alts are important when it comes to the longevity of content. The more characters you level to the cap, the longer you are occupied. Simple. And one way or another each expansion encouraged you to have more than one characters. Multiple classes, races, leveling paths, order hall campaigns, war campaigns, covenants...etc. And catch up mechanics if there were any.

    So what I want to know is which expansion (vanilla included) encouraged you the most to level a fresh alt to the cap, and how many alts did you level? was more a matter of creating more alts with every x-pac. I had 1 alt in Vanilla, 3 in TBC, 6 or so in WotLK and then I lost track.,,,today I am at 34 characters. I think I made most "new" alts in BfA. Not because it was so great, because I had not much else to do. Now in SL I don't see myself levelling them all however (especially since I also want to get all 16 covenant base armour sets...I am at 3 atm ^^)

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    WoD no questions asked. That expansion left me with nothign to do but level alts or find a different game to play.
    The world revamp dream will never die!

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    WoD everyone made millions from doing garrison across multiple chars.

  13. #133
    WoD, although funnily enough not for the gold. It was the last expansion before shadow priests were ruined, and leveling generally still felt ok.

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    The last time I had more than 2 characters at max level was WOD because the leveling was fast, Now that being said I didn't play much longer than the first raid tier becasue of lack of content. For me it would have to have been Cata leveling was perfect Fast took maybe a night or 2 to level from 80-85 and you could gear up quickly later in the xpac on alts. But I had 4 characters at max level in 4 weeks in Cata which I have not done in entire xpacs since then. The game from WOD on made alts impossible and this xpac makes it too easy to get to 200ilvl on an alt. I leveled and geared 2 and got bored and have unsubbed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkAmbient View Post
    WoD, although funnily enough not for the gold. It was the last expansion before shadow priests were ruined, and leveling generally still felt ok.
    I remember there was a bit of pruning, but not a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by intenz View Post
    WoD everyone made millions from doing garrison across multiple chars.
    Yeah, so I didn't know this was a thing and never made a penny from them so kinda sucked.

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    WoD (garrison $) made me level them

    Legion made me enjoy playing them

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    Legion. Order halls, Order hall mounts, mage tower and gameplay was fun on all classes.

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    Legion, for sure. I had one of every class maxed out for the Artifact weapons and Legion Hall stories.

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    Was adding 1-2 max level characters for each expansion from vanilla forward, but Legion was the one where I finally had one of each (for them Mage Tower appearances).

    The pre-Legion invasions were a huge source of levels for a bunch of opposite faction characters as well, but BFA was where most actually hit max level. Ended BFA with almost 20 characters at max level.

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