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    Shadowlands goes wrong for me when 100% of messages in trade chat is about boosting and 45 out of 62 Groups in raid finder (for HC) is boosting advertising.
    At least you can fix trade chat with (yeah, shameless plug). Works best for English and strong for German as well. Less effective on other Latin-alphabet languages but somewhat cleans up those too.
    Garrison Mission Manager: Select best followers for BfA, Legion and WoD missions.
    Instance Spec: Switch to spec suitable for your role when "dungeon ready" pops up.
    LDB: WoW Token: Monitor WoW Token price changes in LDB display.
    Other addons: SR13-AntiSpam * Quest Map with Details * LFG Filter for Premade Groups * Obvious Mail Expiration.

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    I have no idea who design the world quests in SL. but it is absolutely lol.

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    I wish they would have scrapped the Maw entirely and spent those last 2 months of development making Torghast actually fun instead. Instead of one really awesome new feature, we get two half-baked ones.

    Also, unpopular opinion but I don’t like the vault. Feels very mobile game-y to me. Would prefer if bosses just dropped more loot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashblond View Post
    I have no idea who design the world quests in SL. but it is absolutely lol.
    Pretty much everything seems to be done by trainees who have never seen or played the game before.

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    I just want to post to agree with those on WQs. Think you are done? nope, another stage to it. Then maybe another, but don't worry, you are going to get 70-175 anima!. I've had some take me 15-20 minutes to complete (though part of that is due to the sheer number of horde making it nigh on impossible at times to complete), just for 1 quest. And for what? They are essentially just there for the covenant thingy (I totally forget what it is called), which I only did for rep really, for the most part they offer little to nothing in themselves, and the time taken to earn them is seriously out of kilter. I find very few of them fun or interesting. Don't get me wrong, I didn't find many of BfA's to be interesting either, but they only took a few minutes each, the time sink wasn't comparable.

    And then there are the ones in the maw. I simply don't do them anymore, not allowing mounting just makes it faaar too long and tedious, and the rewards do not come close to making it worth it. I actually like the feel of the zone, but I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to mount other than to make it take much longer than it really needed. If I didn't have to spend so much of my time just running from point A to B, then I wouldn't actually mind spending time there doing content (as I say, I like the feel of it), but for now the biggest chunk of your time is just running, not actual content, and this simply isn't fun.
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    Remember, legally no one sane takes Tucker Carlson seriously.

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    SL WQs are absolute cancer. I hate them, a lot. Combine that with losing the flight whistle and annoying running through tons of mobs due to very few flightpoints and I simply have no interest in doing them.

    Yes, previous expansion WQs "kill 1 elite" were quick and easy and trivial. And I actually did them. The time/reward ratio felt worthwhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    We pay $21 CAD to play WoW that is more than every other subscrption service including gamepass in Canada, it used to be $16 CAD, minimum wage in the east coast here is $13 so do the math, it is going up in places. So I decided to go back to pservers.
    Did the WoW fee really go up by a freaking 50% in Canada too? Holy #$&@

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    IñAlso, unpopular opinion but I don’t like the vault. Feels very mobile game-y to me. Would prefer if bosses just dropped more loot.
    Agreed. The vault is a guaranteed crazy TF proc, and in order to things not go too crazy, they had to nerf the everliving &#$@ out of PvE drop rates.They've walked it back a bit, but still /shrug
    Current state of WoW lore:
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    Who'd have known that the Domination guy whose aesthetics are 80% chains wasn't into freedom. Nobody could have seen this coming.

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