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    Mafia Game Discussion 2.0

    Helpful wiki link

    This is a thread for the game Mafia, I am Foxxi and I am hijacking the thread so I can help to keep things up to date.
    The Original Thread

    We play games here pretty much all the time(usually only one game at a time though). If you're new to the game and not sure what to do, here is a rough idea of what goes on and such. Keep in mind the rules can change from game to game depending on the moderator though!

    We have a Discord!

    Past Games:
    Mafia 1: Rise of the Mob
    Mafia 2: Live and Let Die
    Mafia 3: Tomorrow Never Dies
    Mafia 4A*
    Mafia 4B*
    Mafia 5*
    Mafia 6: Episode VI*
    Mafia 7*
    Mafia 8: There will be blood
    Game 9: Fayul edition
    Mafia 9: The Serial Cake is a Lie!
    Mafia 10*
    Mafia XI: Because Roman Numerals Are Fun!
    Mafia 12: The Town Fights Back!
    Mafia 13: It is not a tuma!
    Mafia 14: I don't think we're in Kansas anymore
    Mafia 15: Stayin' Alive
    Mafia 16 and 17 no longer exist due to forgetting to renew the other forums. Here are the role lists for both games.
    Mafia XVIII: Electric Boogaloo
    Mafia XIX: Town Drunk Version
    Mafia 20: Trust is the Colour of Death
    Mafia 21: Geology School
    Mafia 22: End of the World Special
    Mafia 23: Batman Mafia
    Mafia 24: Masai Mara Mafia
    Mafia 25: Pokemafia
    Mafia 26: Gods and Cults
    Mafia 27: Rainbow Revenge
    Mafia 28: Two Doctors?
    Mafia 29: Murder I Wrote
    Mafia 30: Game of Thrones
    Mafia 31: It Willl Be Fun They Said
    Mafia 32: War Games!
    Mafia 33: The Fall of House Dan'thal?
    [Intermission]Mafia Game 33.5
    Mafia 34: The Matrix
    [Intermission]Mafia 34.5: Electric Boogaloo(part 2!)
    Mafia Christmas Special The Return of the Fat Man In A Red Suit
    Mafia 35: Star Wars
    Mafia 36: MMO-Champion Theme Mafia
    Mafia 37: Magic
    Mafia 37.5: Dead'n'Bored Mafia
    Mafia 38: Back to Basics
    Mafia 39: Let Chaos Rule
    Mafia 40: Marvel Universe
    Mafia 41: And Then There Were None
    Mafia 42: Danganronpa
    Mafia 43: Dead mafia is dead(Silkku's fuckup)
    Mafia 43: Bleach... This is War!
    [Intermission]Mafia 43 and 3/4 - A Love Affair
    Mafia 44: Another Boring World?
    Mafia 44.5: Slaughter Everywhere.
    Mafia 45: Designer Mafia
    Mafia 45.5: A Fictional Diner
    Mafia 46: Harry Potter and the Slytherin Rebellion
    Mafia 47: Friendship is Magic
    Mafia 48: Cruel Intentions
    Mafia 49: Mistborn
    Christmas MMO-Mafia 2014 - Mayhem at Santa's Workshop
    Mafia 50: Stargate
    Mafia 51: Neighborhood Z
    Mafia 52: Murder She Didn't Write
    Mafia 53: Death Note
    Mafia 54: Buffy
    Mafia 55: Sailor Moon Vs The Negaverse
    Mafia 56: K-pop
    Mafia 57: Mirror Mirror (Star Trek)
    Mafia 58: Whose Lynch Is It Anyway?
    Mafia 59: Murder Mystery Mansion Mafia
    Mafia 60: Escape From Alcatraz
    Mafia 61: Polygon Madness
    Mafia 61.5: Test Run
    Mafia 62: Eerie Peak
    Mafia 63: The Simpsons
    Mafia 64: The Book Of Omens
    Mafia 64.5: Strange Names
    Christmas Mafia 2015 - Santa vs Satan
    Mafia 65: Murder on the Orient Express
    Mafia 65.5 B***hes Paradise
    Mafia 66: Throwback Mafia
    Mafia 67: No Theme
    Mafia 68: The West Wing
    Mafia 69: The X-Men
    Mafia 70: D&D
    Mafia 71: Inanimate Objects
    Mafia 72: Heads of State
    Mafia 73: Emergency is NOW!
    Mafia 74: Miss Congeniality
    Mafia 75: Rocky Horror Picture Mafia
    Mafia 76: Clue
    Mafia 77: Island of Misfits
    Mafia 78: WTF IS THE THEME
    Mafia 79: Jokes down in Terrible
    Mafia 80: The Lost Village
    Mafia 81: Mario Kart Madness
    Mafia 82: Everybody's got a secret
    Mafia 83: Up Sh** Creek!
    Mafia 84: Social Media Massacre
    Mafia 85: Family Guy
    Mafia 86: Nothing Special
    Mafia 87: Nothing Special 2.0.pi
    Not-quite Mafia 88: Game of Idleness
    Mafia 89: Power Struggles
    Mafia 90: Short and Sweet
    Mafia 91: The Village (of) Idiots
    Mafia 92: Time Travel Trouble
    Mafia 93: Minions
    Mafia 94: Mao
    Mafia 95: The Daily Newspaper
    Mafia 96: Viva Las Vegas
    Mafia 97: Christmas Mafia 2017
    Mafia 98: The Basics
    Mafia 99: Shootout at the KO Corral
    Mafia 100: Clash of 100 Threads!!
    Mafia 101: Mafia 101
    Mafia 102: Garden Warfare
    Mafia 103: Buffy (2) - The Chase to Transylvania
    Mafia 104: Disney 'Princess' Battle Royale
    Mafia 105: Best in Show
    Mafia 106: Buy Your Own Powers
    Mafia 107: Super Smash Bros Mafia
    Mafia 108: Sitting Around
    Mafia 109: Game Thread Russian Roulette
    Mafia 110: Walton Hill
    Mafia 111: Apocalypse-Z
    Mafia 112: Working Title Goes Here
    Mafia 113: Secret Santa
    Mafia 114: Game Thread Food Fight
    Mafia 115: Game Thread As you wish
    Mafia 116: Death Valley
    Mafia 117: Soft Drink Mafia
    Mafia 118: Basic Instinct
    Mafia 119: Game Thread Words With Friends
    Mafia 120: The Throne of Lies
    Mafia 121: Game of Scones
    Mafia 122: very interesting name
    Mafia 123: Game Thread Vanished!!!!!
    Mafia 124: Scum of the Seven Seas (Game-Thread)
    Mafia FFA500: Monsters Among US - aka the flub
    Mafia 125: Mafia Monster Mash
    Mafia 126: Basically Basic
    Mafia 127: A Very Scary Christmas
    Mafia 128: Infinity War
    Mafia 129: The Rise of the Unseen
    Mafia 130: Crossbell Reindepence Day
    Mafia 131: Ignition
    Mafia 132: Death, Evil, and Trolls
    Mafia 133: The Batman Game
    Mafia 134: The Experiment
    Mafia 135: Into the Faewilds
    Mafia 136: Doppelganger
    Mafia 137: Kingmaker
    Mafia 138: April Fools!
    Mafias 139-141 took place on MU
    Mafia 142: Basically Killers
    Mafia 143: Furry Neighbors
    Mafia 144: Is There a Doc in the House?
    * means the title was lost due to editing after the game was finished

    Next Game Mod List:
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    10 char

    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    What is this, a new thread?


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    What is this, a new thread?

    Quote Originally Posted by foxximcleod View Post
    This is a thread for the game Mafia, I am Foxxi and I am hijacking the thread so I can help to keep things up to date.
    /10 chars

    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    Yay, a new thread!

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    shhh, she has my blessing, is ok

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    Oh look. Shiny new thread!

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    Hopefully this frees up bagel to play more

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    A shiny new thread!

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    NOOOOO! Our lineage, our respected legacy of 834 pages of history!

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    Hopefully this frees up bagel to play more
    wheeze .

    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    Omg. What is this! A new thread! I feel icky.

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    Omg. What is this! A new thread! I feel icky.
    the fox has that effect on people

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    No .

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    No .
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    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    Old man shouts at cloud
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    I suppose this makes sense

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    Add me to the mod list again just found a game I wrote for the Aussie players that I have not used.

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    New signup thread! Mafia Game 138 - April Fools!

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