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    Bro I played this expansion for 3 weeks and I got 212 ilevel

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    Getting stuff done while in organized groups will always be easier/quicker. Without a guild I wouldn't have even cleared normal fully probably, because a) I don't function well in cutthroat environment, which pugs are and b) I'm not good enough to meet the inreasing ridiculous pug requirements. With a guild I'm easily getting curves every tier as well as keystone masters. I'd recommend finding a chill heroic guild. You'll be surprised how fun the game can be and that you don't actually need to be as overgeared and as good as pug leaders make you think.

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    You should do higher content to get higher gear. It's a staple of rpgs. Ilvls you gain from content is good imo. Acquisition could require some tweaking.
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    Have you noticed the glowing blue icon in Oribos? It's called the great vault. If you run a +7 key, you will get a 213 ilvl item each week. So you practically get gear as a present for doing low keys. No need to complain here, just get your free extra 13 ilvl item each week and then start doing heroic CN or higher keys.

    If you don't want to wait, well then make your own groups and get skilled enough to heal with what you have. It's not that hard, really.

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    First, you can upgrade dungeon gear to 207 if you do above M5. Second, there is vault for slow, but stable progression. Third, you reached cap for combination of your skill level and level of coordination of your group. Easiest way to improve is to find 4 more people for stable M+ group. Or get better, but that will be harder.

    In the past you could also pray for item with item level way above your difficulty. But community shit on it 24/7. Now enjoy your meaningful loot and in the future think for yourself, don't sheep for drama queens on yt. If we had serious talk about ups and downs of Legion systems, we could come up with some compromise, now it's mostly thrown away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwes View Post
    what i am missing here? plz enlighten me.
    You are deliberately refusing to use the 1 system that enables you to upgrade your gear. Because doing it ,according to you , is "idiotic"
    - VP -> KSM10 needed to upgrade, and noone sane wanna spend capped VP for lowlvl items (most idiotic system ever)
    As is you can straight up push your ilvl to 209. (with a full set of 207 items and a 235 legendary).

    You also seem pretty confident you can manage a mythic +8 key, whereas the kit you listed hints that you never completed anything above a +4key... or perhaps just didn't find the great vault yet??

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    All my upgrades came out straight from the weekly cache. The uberinflated ilvl of the M+ section makes so you're basically gonna get a somewhat big upgrade every week. Then it's all about doing HC raid runs for 213s to cover the holes.

    Literally, this patch is not about upgrading your gear but it's all about jumping from low to super high every once in a while.
    You tried, and you failed. What have you learned? That's better not to try at all.

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    So 200 ilvl is absolutely the plateau at which you "own your time." To go beyond that, yes, you'll need organized outings with friends or people of similar goals in a recurring group.

    200 ilvl in the current climate is generous for a guaranteed, "unscheduled" goal. I should know, I'm at it, and I'm satisfied. You pretty much own the open world, queueable PVE instances, and low end Mythics. It is perfectly fine if this is your cap. It's a good cap for a singular player not beholden to a schedule or a guild.

    Again, I speak from... literally being there and being satisfied. Stop looking at your neighbors in PVE. Know your limit and play within it.

    PVP, I can't help you. I don't touch it.
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    Your problem is skill. 205 ilvl is enough for 14's and you are talking about having 210 for +9.

    Gearing isnt only timegated, it's also skillgated up to a certain point. Your not supposed to get high ilvl gear if you arent skilled enough for high m+/high pvp rating/mythic raiding.

    So on short: your progress stops at certain point if you can't improve your skill level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tikcol View Post
    Bro I played this expansion for 3 weeks and I got 212 ilevel
    Why do you think this adds anything to the discussion other than bragging?

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    It's more like a "you" problem in this specific case. Mythic+ is build in a way that you can progress it with the gear that drops. With your ilvl you are supposed to be runnind 12+'s rather easily, even 15s are possible (obviously with a group that doesn't eat every aoe available in the game). The difference between 8 and 9 are so low that you should not even feel it, too, but you say that suddenly from 8 to 9 it's going brutal and a 10 is impossible..?

    There are multiple solutions:
    - blame blizzard
    - get better
    - buy boosts
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    It sounds like you are setting your bar too low in terms of the content you do. Ofc if you only do +7 to +8 keys you will take forever to upgrade your gear. And the ilvl isn't really that bad, I'd say most of us were around 200-205 ilvl when we did the first 14s. Yeah on some weeks it will be harder because of affixes (i get that) but in theory there is always 2-3 easier dungeons for each week (depending on affixes) so if it's a bad week you can just do one of those.

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    I have pugged all m+ above 10 as fury warrior. And I have 6 +16 and 2 +15 atm.

    I do think you can pug those m+ pretty well. It only gets better the higher the keys get.

    Get your loot and upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwes View Post
    202 itemlevel and 4 other ppl with itemlevel 200-205 doing +10 ? have you ever tried this ???
    me and my friend almost timed a +10 with 3 randoms the week m+ was released. that you cant clear them with 20+ ilvl on top of that is not blizzards fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zka View Post
    Why do you think this adds anything to the discussion other than bragging?
    It's not bragging, it's proving he is stuck on a low ilevel by his own choice or lack of commitment to improving

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    There is a Big ass Valut thing in Oribos, it will blow your mind bro! For a non timed +10 key you get a ilvl 220 item for FREE!!!!! ones a week, or if you do 10x10 non timed keys you can even pick from 3x 220 pieces!!! and there is MORE! Theres that thing ppl call AH you can buy 4x 226 items for 600k gold EU price, NA should be the half of it.

    I know bads are bad but at last try, my guild did +14s in time on HC Week with Renown 9 200 Conduits and 195-200 ilvl

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    Ways for the OP to improve his gear:
    1. The weekly chest. It usually offers gear 13 ilvl higher than gear dropping from corresponding M+ you made\
    2. Do the weekly world boss for 207 loot
    3. Spam m+ for valor and upgrade some drops to higher level
    4. You are a healer, you have it much easier than dps. It's easier to find a group even with low ilvl. But you have to be good and know what you're doing. So keep spamming those m+ to boost your rio. People also report that +10 and above are easier than lower keys, because there is less clueless people. Keep trying

    5. Find a guild and do some raiding. I really don't understand why people are so against guilds
    I have enough of EA ruining great franchises and studios, forcing DRM and Origin on their games, releasing incomplete games only to sell day-1 DLCs or spill dozens of DLCs, and then saying it, and microtransactions, is what players want, stopping players from giving EA games poor reviews, as well as deflecting complaints with cheap PR tricks.

    I'm not going to buy any game by EA as long as they continue those practices.

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    I have a 214 ele shami.

    Never set foot in the raid, do not even habe all M+ on 10 yet.

    Still, you have several weeks were you could get a 213 Item from weekly chest, and you get Vaulz loot every week.

    Getting to ~213 is quite easy, also as a solo plyer. Since non of my friends play PvE anymore, I do PUG M+ 90% of the time and its not a big problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwes View Post
    ofc! but it seems not designed to go with 202 into HC raid or +10 dungeon ? i play wow since 15 years without interruption and this seems not intended when i look at actual stuff.

    202 itemlevel and invite (even as healer) in HC pug ? no chance.
    202 itemlevel and 4 other ppl with itemlevel 200-205 doing +10 ? have you ever tried this ???

    so.... ????

    - - - Updated - - -

    y, ofc! but is +10 designed to go there with 202 item level grps ???

    and why in the hell should anyone, as another example, ever go 7, 8, or 9 when he did 6, when there drops NOTHING higher than 200 until +10 ??? this means your progression route in m+ is: ...6,10,... does this makes any sense ???
    don't be too mad about the system, they will prob. revert things soon enough - wf/tf and bonusrolls are designed to help people with the problem you are describing/facing

    they want m+ people to engage in raids and pvp - which most of them do not enjoy - i t gives a massive backlash - best you can do if you feel not entertained is quitting the sub, sparing yourself this anger :_P cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    You should aim higher in m+ since 2-9 are no way of meassurement. In my experience those are ALWAYS chaotic and people tend to take waaaaaaaaaaay more damage then they should.
    I am currently in 13-14 bracket and ppl take just the same damage I noticed in lower brackets. Yes, one time on 5 or so you find a good group but it’s really rare.

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