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    I love Dell's monitors but hate everything else they make. Lenovo makes solid laptops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willtron View Post
    Always thought MSI and Gigabyte are sketchy as fuck.
    While the big three global players (ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE) have good/bad products as allways and since they have global support hubs, good/bad experiences are allways possible with how many more customers and regions they have to deal with.

    I did never have to deal with the EU RMA hubs from either of them, I test new products propperly and catch issues or defects early on and just deal with shops / 14day return customer protection LAW or 6-12 months real warranty, again protected by LAW.

    I like ASUS from their marketing and product design a lot, but I had no reason to get anything from them. Their mainboards are basicly memes with pretty looking BIOS GUIs and tons of BIOS/firmware bugs and TURING GPUs were legendary bad and made the competition look good with their designs. The "redemption" with early AMPERE reviews did not hold that long, because at some point people had the GPUs in their hands and had the noisiest GPUs this tier in their hands - with propper user-feedback about coil whine plagued GPUs.
    => not a brand I would touch for mainboards or GPUs till they hit at least a good generation, their current better z690 mainboards, that are made no longer AIR cooler compatible is just worth a remark, not really a deciding factor for anyone who looks at mainboard reviews and mainboard forums.

    I usually end up with gigabyte mainboards for some reason and had multiple MSI GPUs, the last one the TURING TRIO that dominated reviews in noise/performance but also in dimensions sadly.
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    Mostly I like Mac
    And hate HP

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