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    How I would make crash lightning instantly more fun if I were a class dev

    - Crash lightning no longer cause storm strike and lava lash to do additional aoe damage

    - Crash lightning damage is increased by 700%

    That's it, imagine if the spell actually did chunk people, it already has great sound effect and visual effect but for some reason it hit like a wet noodle... I actually refuse to play enha because of that poor design. Get rit of that storm strike/lava lash damage bs and give me instant gratification every time I push crash lightning god damnit

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    And then we'd have even worse aoe. Pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Advent View Post
    And then we'd have even worse aoe. Pass.
    No, the point is to have all of the damage into the ability itself, but number tuned in a way that it's not a damage loss compared to before

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