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    Horde [H] US Sulfuras <The Coven> Hardcore TBC Raiding | 2 Core Groups | TBC PVP | Levelers

    The Coven is a Hardcore TBC raiding guild First, but we are also a community of all types of players!

    - Core group 1 will be Raiding EST Time: Tuesday 7PM , Saturday 7PM , ALT night Monday 10PM

    - Core group 2 will be Raiding EST Time: Wednesday 9PM , Thursday 9PM, ALT night Monday 10PM

    **Currently Recruiting**

    * **PVP Leader**
    * **Raider**
    -And Levelers-

    ::Needed Roles::
    -Core 1-
    :Class: :Spec:
    1 Priest: imp divine spirit
    1 Priest: CoH holy
    1 Shaman: enhance
    1 Shaman: Elemental
    1 Paladin: prot
    3 Paladin: holy
    1 Hunter: bm
    1 Druid: Resto

    -Core 2-
    :Class: :Spec:
    1 Priest Imp Divine Spirit
    1 Druid Feral
    1 Druid Balance
    2 Shaman Restoration
    1 Shaman Elemental
    1 Shaman Enhancement
    1 Paladin Retribution
    1 Hunter BM

    For more information go to: TheCovenGuild . Com
    For your raid application to be considered you must have signed up on our discord
    If you have any questions please take the discord link from the website, say Forum Member in Discord permissions channel
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    We are very excited for TBC!!

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    open raid slots:

    core 1 (7pm EST, tues/sat):

    priest (any spec)
    shaman (enh or ele)
    paladin (prot or holy)

    core 2 (9pm EST, wed/thurs):

    priest (holy or disc)
    druid (feral or balance)
    shaman (resto or ele)
    paladin (holy)
    warrior (arms)

    also looking for one more raid leader & one more pvp leader (specifically with extensive arena experience)
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    Core 2 is currently recruiting:

    1 Affliction Warlock
    1 Discipline Priest
    1 Feral Tank
    1 Boomkin
    2 Resto Shamans
    1 Elemental Shaman
    1 Enhancement Shaman
    1 Retribution Paladin
    2 BM Hunters
    1 Arms Warrior

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    I love TBC and the Coven

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    spots are filling quite fast now that release date has been announced. get your apps in now! join discord FIRST.

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    We just added 3 new raiders

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