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    This looks cool and I will be watching but can they please tune the damn classes so it not the same comp every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuraijake View Post
    having a great day making ppl passive aggressive from simply comments

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    how do viewer numbers help the actually competitors benefit?

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    now HERES your passive aggressive crybaby right here. found em. seems pretty passive aggressive behind the power of a keyboard if you ask me ya'll
    nah i say this in person as well. The WoW community tends to only look for the bad and ignore the good of the game. its quite annoying honestly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thage View Post
    You're right, BC, WotLK, Cata, and Legion didn't all have dungeons that, while obviously streamlined for play, also actually felt like world locations. No, they were all like WoD, BFA, and SL dungeons where they were a few hallways with boss chambers obviously designed around clear times instead of building a zone first and populating around the layout. (I'll grant you dungeons like Trial of the Champion and Stonecore as exceptions that fit the modern-day rule, and MoP had a mix of both as the transitionary period between the old dungeon map design philosophy and the new).

    As for the weekly chest and valor upgrades, the chest is horseshit and we both know it's horseshit, and the valor upgrades came because the weekly chest and high-key loot were shit. Even with Valor upgrades, right now the fastest way to gear up at 60 is getting HK-farmed in BGs until you have enough honor for a full kit of epic gear thanks to the laughable drop rates and dupes in Mythic+ and the weekly chest.

    You still haven't addressed the first or second paragraphs. WoW has always struggled to make a meaningful impact with its forays into eSports because WoW is not an eSport game. Even back when Arena first landed, Arena tournaments were a clusterfuck because you have too many abilities spread across too many classes, the gameplay is too methodical and old, and unless you actually know what does what in the game, casual viewers are going to lose track between the differences in Starfall, Blizzard, and Flame Strike unless the commentators keep explaining the mechanic. Compare to LoL or DOTA, where every hero has a small number of abilities iconic to those characters, where the game is designed ground-up to be easy for spectators and commentators to follow, or COD and CS:GO where shooty gun produces bullets which allows the commentators and spectators to focus on team play and how a given gun slots into the team's comp and strategy.

    Just because the commentators replace explaining the second team's actions and abilities/talents with explaining the boss mechanics and affixes for that dungeon doesn't somehow make WoW's forays into PvE eSports any better. It's still a clusterfuck of effects and bloated action bars, which while that makes for a fun MMORPG, makes for a very unengaging spectator sport.
    the chest is better because you actually have a choice. you can even influence what gear is in the chest by spamming the same keys as it drops keys from content you do. THERE HAS NEVER been duplicate protection so why you're going on a rant about that is ridiculous. sounds like you just want all your BiS gear to drop or get acquired first try. Also rated BG/Arena gear is great for some of the classes.....the secondaries are mostly shit though for the majority of them because of vers. Gear drops in dungeons and raids/chest were never guaranteed to be what you need but the options are still better than before regardless. People like you are just the types who complain about everything. cry cry cry

    Also in regards to the dungeon layouts, youre plain wrong lol there were MANY single track dungeons with "boss rooms" through the entirety of WoW. Even BC, WoTLK etc. If you dont see that then you're just ignoring it to fit your narrative.

    in regards to your esports part, i honestly dont care lol

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    Sligthly more than 300 teams signed up... of 2048, LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowho View Post
    Literally this guy in a nutshell

    I had a good laugh about this. Thanks!

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