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    Quote Originally Posted by Prag View Post
    If you’re happy with the experience, then it doesn’t matter. My first character took forever but had maxed professions, including fishing/cooking by 55. Didn’t feel the need to rush.

    Alts, however. Get me to the end as quickly as possible.
    I'd agree with this.

    Basically, there is no rush at the moment. However if you feel you don't like classic levelling or you feel you're not going to have the time to get to 60 before TBC Classic comes, then just buy the boost.

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    would be a good idea just to farm up the 100g+ you get from leveling and doing quests. try to save EPL for after you hit 60 and you will get a good 40G+ just from that zones quests.
    otherwise i think you start off with like 10g from a boost? maybe more, maybe less. not sure.

    also, you can level your professions to max and be ready to learn TBC crafting right off the bat. not many people are mentioning this. boosted characters still have to go back to azeroth to learn their 1-300.

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    One thing I haven't seen anyone mention is come prepatch it's no longer possible to obtain any of the classic pvp titles whilst you keep your lifetime highest. So if titles tickles your fancy getting sergeant (r3) is very easy and getting to r6 takes a few hours a week for a 4-6 weeks even at just lv40/50 bracket.

    On the topic of pvp the pvp gear in prepatch will be the quickest way to get geared at 60 and should make early tbc leveling a bit smoother as they are mostly on par with bwl/some AQ gear.

    AV mount will not require rep and be purchased with marks so that can save you ~100g.

    Materials required to level professions will probably inflate in price during prepatch and remain more expensive until a few months into tbc.

    Some raiding gear obtainable now will not be replaced until at earliest heroic and at latest BT (ex. Kelthuzad quest trinket).

    Some food for thought, might be worth leveling now depending on what your goals are in the game and what you find fun. Yes, you will save time leveling 20-60 in prepatch instead of now but there are some things you might miss out on as a result. Yes you'll definetly save a lot of time purchasing a boost but it might not be economically feasible for you or you may realize your boost was wasted on a class you might no longer enjoy as much as you used to.

    Good luck and most importantly have fun

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    Personally I am leveling now, so I can get my professions done early. Not sure how long prepatch is going to be, and I won't be able to dedicate tons of time to it then anyway. Slow and steady.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vetly View Post
    I want to play TBC, but I haven't started a character in Classic.

    Is it worth grinding up to lvl 60 now to take that char further in TBC? Or is it so little difference when paying for boost that I might as well wait?
    so depends what you are looking for

    if you have the time now, then do it, level up, start gathering some gold, and some gear.
    however if you can do other stuff, and arnt really gunan go hardcore in tbc, wait, and just level in TBC (The prepatch) as it will be MUCH faster.

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    Based on the information that came out today, the boosts don't seem like they'll be available until the day BC actually launches. So if you want some gear to level with, IE HWL/GM gear from prepatch, then you should level now or in pre-patch to be prepared ahead of time.
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    why not do both? play now and level at your own pace. if you dont make in time, use the boost.

    win win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoffmeister View Post
    Im in the same boat

    Im an adult with a family, my game time is limited. For me its a boost or forget about it. Tge 1-60 grind is insane in classic
    I mean it's not exactly fast to get from 61-70. If you got time for one you got time for the other.
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    Isn't boost like... ONE per account?
    We're all newbs, some are just more newbier than others.

    Just a burned out hardcore raider turned casual.
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    You should level one imo. Atleast in the pre-patch when leveling is 20% faster, and you'll have a lot of people leveling alongside you w/ new races.

    If you haven't even started classic, its very soon to just write off half the game. Its a journey that should atleast be experienced once. I reckon one is far more likely to stick to WoW if you did it. If you boost, you'll have a weaker attachment to it, and things will feel hollow.

    Its not as much of a grind that people make it out to be. And if you can't stomach a grind, then TBC won't hold you for long. If leveling a single character is too much, then dungeon grinding, pvp grinding or raid grinding certainly will be.

    And we don't even know what the boost will cost. Would you rather pay 60 dollars to skip parts of the game? Don't know about you, but I would just play a different game if I loathed the core gameplay of WoW that much.

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    Buy Boost. Bobby's bonuses don't make themselves.

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    To each theyre own I guess. What do you prefer? Remember, if you feel you dont have time now to play, it wont really change come BC. That part of wow requires alot of playtime too.

    Personally I really enjoy leveling in classic right now. I got a lvl 52 Paladin and recently started a Tauren Shaman. No idea if i'll reach 60 before BC is out. In my case it doesnt really matter all that much how quickly I reach max level. I've done all dungeons/raids in classic & BC back in the day(Except for naxx) back in the day, so im not stressing about that.

    Im not going to spend money on a boost when I enjoy a big part of classic & BC - the leveling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowroguetbc View Post
    talents don’t really come into play until 50
    Depends on your class and spec.

    Some specs can benefit from the new talent trees as early as 35 (such as the Mp5 Talent for Elemental), but the 40-50 area is where you obviously pick up the most powerful talents of your spec.
    And frankly, the point where you start to pick up those talents has been usually the point where Classic leveling really slows down, so they counteract that effect to some degree.

    Also, TBC offers some additional side benefits such as additional quests, improved dungeon loot itemization and being able to pick up the mount at 30.

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    Start leveling an easier character like a hunter/mage/lock right now even if you don't want to main the class, play at a leisurely pace, see how close you get to 60 by launch, then with your single boost (only one boost per account ofc), you can boost a class you actually want to play in TBC.

    Even if you don't get 60, you will at least have a little gold behind you, possibly some income with gathering professions if you play it smart on a high pop server, selling mats to profession re-rollers in the TBC pre-patch and launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kneehidude View Post
    I've been leveling a character for a little over a month as of now (March 4) and I'm currently level 41. I'm not great at leveling...
    Do a /played and report back.

    My main during launch took around 9 days and an alt i lvled in AQ patch got 60 in around 6 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soimu View Post
    Buy Boost. Bobby's bonuses don't make themselves.
    I doubt a lot of that bonus comes from WoW or any blizz title, I’d imagine it’s mostly CoD.

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    lvling isnt that hard lol, got 2 at 60, didnt really stress that much with them , around 10 days /played when i hit 60, BUT it wouldnt relay on the boost incase you dont like the class and you have to lvl a char from 1 anyway...

    if you already got gametime all you need is to install and pick realm/faction, worst case is you dont like classic and will wait for prepatch anyway :P

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    Why not both? I am leveling a shaman so i can boost a rogue(for leveling a rogue is more punishment then i think i need)

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    Does anyone know if there will be completely fresh TBC servers?

    In other words everyone starts at lv1? I would much rather prefer this for many reasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frolk View Post
    Do we know if/how long the prepatch will be, and if so wait lvling a paladin until then, as paladin in classic is "bit" of a bore to lvl and id pref to wait till TBC talents/skills arrive, and i cant afford any boost as my current "main" is a 45 hunter.
    Lvling paladin now. Not rushing it but om not going too slow either and In guessing i Will land on 8 days played for 60. A lot of afk ours though. so maybe 7 days played.

    In the end of TBC, before wlk prepatch, a paladin took me 2d 10h to lvl up 1-60. Thats how powerful and great the 2.3 patch changes and talents/buffs are.

    Tbh, wait until prepatch even if youre not gonna play draenei or belf. Its so much faster.

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    Leveling gets much easier once prepatch hits. Only boost if you know your class well.

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