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    Because this is apples and oranges lol

    RP realms exist because some people like to play the game and actually immerse themselves in their character and the world.

    Boosting is a paid service that people use if they want to skip ahead. It has no bearing on the game world or your character aside form getting you to a set point. Unless this isn't what you mean by boosting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easyclassictopkeklel View Post
    We need non boosted vegan non binary servers to provide a safe place. NOW!
    go ahead and exit yourself from the discussion. you clearly need the haters to exist.

    this is NOT a slippery slope scenario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littleraven View Post
    Because this is apples and oranges lol

    RP realms exist because some people like to play the game and actually immerse themselves in their character and the world.

    Boosting is a paid service that people use if they want to skip ahead. It has no bearing on the game world or your character aside form getting you to a set point. Unless this isn't what you mean by boosting.
    you clearly acknowledge the people exist. give them their realm. like i said. The realm existed before created boosts. So give them that state while giving everyone else the other state. It's virtual, so not allowing it is just money left on the table.

    If you think it costs more money to create a new 'realm' you have no reason to be in this discussion in the first place.

    I want an expansion and/or patch solely funded by this crowd. If you don't, you're apart of the problem and not the solution.

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    They better make a Raider.Io for BC - too many inept tards gonna be on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kranur View Post
    I continue to be shocked by the suggestion I read ... well done.

    Why not a no-play realm .. where you just log in and aren't allowed to do anything but just stand still.
    This isn't a slippery slope. These people want to pay a second time for what already existed and what they played the first time. Imagine release a game bugged, while the people paying for the service LOVE it's bugged, broken. We could fund our next patch, extension off these people who want to, and are more then willing to shell out the cash to do so.

    Don't be stupid. The haters can fund your future if you know how to harness it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belloc View Post
    After that, let's have servers with no flying, ....
    Actually that IS a great idea. Let's see how well that....flies...with players. Would need certain adjustments for some Wrath and Cata zones...but...yeah.

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    If private servers created classic. then you know private servers can do this in a blink of an eye. Some of you sound like the people who hated Warlocks bitching about a soul shard bag in BC. Those who knew in BC, knew making soul shards stackable was a thing. But instead of blizzard doing that, what did they do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scelero View Post
    So RP servers exist in which certain rules are enforced, so lets make an NON BOOSTED Realm.

    First Rule of Non-Boosted Realms
    There is no boosting allowed.

    Some additional rules for those servers ONLY:
    Boosted characters are not allowed to transfer to Non-Boosted servers at ANY POINT or for ANY reason.
    Blizzard cannot provide FREE transfers off Non-Boosted servers that suffer from high population at ANY POINT.
    To transfer off a Non-Boosted server, you must pay a transfer fee that is double the normal amount.

    What do you guys think? What other rules would you say needs to happen if Blizzard gives us a handful of these NB Reamls?
    That’s like a pristine-lite realm

    I loved the idea but ppl bitch too much and killed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by scelero View Post
    did you make the thread? NOPE.

    I did. I'm trying to 'bridge that gap' give them their own server. let them live in a cannon.

    They made it so people can boost, make it so people can't. You do realize before you could boost, it was set up so you couldn't. They literally spent extra time and money to create boosts. So let people have the original state of not boosting. Fuck it. Why not? What's there to loose other than the people you loath and hate...... Imagine, all the hate for boosting on one server, outside your realm of 'i dont care'. You could focus on what really matters.

    Yet you fall for the bait everytime. While acting like you're smarter than the one posing the question. Joke's on you, joker.

    LET THEM SELF SEGRATE THEMSELVES FROM EVERYONE ELSE. Let them. Let them go to that server and circle jerk each other. That's how you get them outta here.

    THINK. Please. My price for those people realizing they was wrong, is making them pay double the transfer fee to get out of it. THINK.

    Granted all you hate filled repo sonders missed the point. Make those people flock to a server, and make them pay for your experience to get better. Seriously, imagine an expansion completely funded by the 'NO CHANGES' crowd.

    Ya'll stupid if you can't make money off those who hate the game. For real. Yet I'm stupid. This isn't a slippery slope because we know EXACTLY what 'NO CHANGES' looks like. It's literally people BEGGING to pay you to relive something they already paid for.

    at NO POINT, did I say, "I HATE BOOSTS" I'm saying, make money off both crowds. Shiiit. If you don't you're leaving money on the table.
    That's a big wall of text in response to my comment pointing out that this thread is about classic not retail.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stormbreed View Post
    Mexico is already part of the USA so is Canada
    Quote Originally Posted by Shandalar View Post
    Shadow deserves nothing, the same as Fire Mages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaladinBash View Post
    Leveling is so ridiculously fast and easy as it is that IDK why anyone buys boosts at all. The only logical reason I can imagine is that it's easier to sell boosts of the other kind to maggots and use that gold to just buy a boost to 50. Maybe it's faster that way? I guess it is really but it seems kinda...pointless to me. Maybe some people like whoring themselves out to useless scums but that's your call.

    Seems pointless really.
    Time and having done those same leveling experiences several times before, thats why.

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    I'm puzzled that people still continue being so bothered by that one-time leveling boost. Should someone tell that there won't be any "Look at me, I cleared Naxx while it was "hard" !!!" sign hovering on you? All those hard-earned things will be lost and forgotten soon. What a pity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belloc View Post
    After that, let's have servers with no flying, servers with no PvP whatsoever, servers with no auction house, and servers with no group finder!
    That would at least have some effect on the people playing (still stupid obviously). The boost thing is just one of these utterly moronic scapegoats that some people have made their personal windmill-dragons that they keep battling on the backs of their gamerchair-donkeys.
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    Pineapple pizza exists, why not squirrel porridge?!?

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    Heavens dude. Get a grip. That one boost per account won't have any effect on your enjoyment of the game whatsoever. You won't even see who boosted their character after their boosted gear is gone.

    What is your exact problem with it? Think i am an evil griefer for wanting to play BC but has no interest in classic?^^
    Want me to wear a gold star? Pink triangle?

    I vote for a realm where everyone who complains about boosters in a second hand forum comes. So all these poeple can complain on one realm together. A big complain circle jerk

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    I mean it could make sense in a RP way.
    many ways. Could be hero from distance pass Frozen in time(why your new)
    Time travel Secretly trained by [insert faction] why normal npc would not know you
    granted power by external force is nothing new to fantasy or warcraft for that matter

    there many ways, just be better at Roleplay

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    20 to 30% of players on RP realms actually do RP stuffs,

    So you can have non boosted server were 20 to 30% players actually don't use boost.

    On a more serious note, it's useless because Blizzard doesn't have the manpower to enforce the rules. They used to have a special set of rules for RP realms but they just removed it. RP realm are just an indicator for players who want to RP to go there and not a "100% FULL IMMERSION REALM".

    Nobody can control how other players choose to play, just deal with it and build a community around your playstyle.
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    Imagine thinking character boosts are any sort of an issue

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    So, if I start playing later in the patch, and I join my friends guild who are ahead already, and they bring me in raid or M+ and i get to their level in an obvious shorter time, is this considered a boost?
    You tried, and you failed. What have you learned? That's better not to try at all.

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    More separation... because that us good for community.

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