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    The evidence is plain to see that 10 man was easier overall in most fights, WotlK 10 mans were so much easier than 25 man, and that is true for all other expansions, there are a few bosses that are harder but thats mainly because of blizz's inability to tune.

    If you dont already have CE then your a casual mythic raider and at this point players would be taking a break anyway as wiping on the same boss for several weeks can get tiresome, WoW is a game ppl take breaks between raids or your going to burn out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rehija View Post ist the Problem, not the anser. its the same with ilvl xxx, achievement and so on. Fuck this shit
    No we need a way to see how good players are, the problem is players that are not skilled enough wasting your time if you have no way to check if they are at even a reasonable skill level, dont blame the tools when its the players that cause the issues.

    Its not fun to waste 2 hours or more in a m+ because you have bad players when it could be done in 30 mins, its not hard to learn everything you need to do and not waste ppls time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loras View Post
    Honestly if guilds relied less on poaching "talent" and started teaching what they can get, then perhaps this game might have been in better shape.

    People always rag on individuals being entitled, but by god social group entitlement is orders of magnitude worse. You (plural) don't deserve to be offered your choice of perfectly suited talent, you deserve to take what is willing to join you and nothing more.

    Don't whine about being given iron ore, refine it and forge that sword you want yourself.
    while i appreciate the horror of poaching, i think the whole idea is romantic but not well thought out. One not all players can be refined as you say, why would i not try to unite people around my skill level and form my bond, but take whatever washes up to me - quoting you "what is willing to join you and nothing more" - and try to teach them as if i am doing ffa coaching, and then find out only a few were worth it? what do you mean what is wiling to join me? do you knowq how many 8/10 hc people want to join CE guilds? ludicrous idea.

    Second, people who care, they care and try to improve, personal ability is part of desire to become good and thats not something you teach people, you recognise it where it exists and can help but up to there. if someone doesnt want to be very very good, he wont be.

    so really what you are saying is surprising to put it politely.

    Being a guild hopper is seperate from being a good player, but it is absolutely normal and not unethical or whatever other negative adjective we want to identify it as, when in a vastly skill diverse roster the best elements move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tronski View Post
    The only real solution is to scrap the content completely. Too few players get to enjoy it, the grind to get there is too intense, and the environment gets too toxic. The continuous never-ending chase for better gear that gives higher numbers and in turn an illusion of skill is what is destroying the game, and it hits especially hard when the pool of players with good enough gear dries out and yet another guild dissolves.

    WotLK hit a nice balance of how hard the hardest content should be and the time and effort it takes to get there. Classic is also a good example that easy raids has great staying power. Easy = lighter mood => enjoyable and fun. We have lost a few players since 2019, but our guild still has 2 full Naxx raids going each week that's clearing in 2-3 hours, largely because the environment is non-toxic.
    It's really not the only solution, look at what FFXIV does, it's massively successful with 2 raid sizes that have different forms of rewards. They have 8 man content that awards the best gear, but they also have a 24 man qued system that awards slightly lower IL AND currency to purchase BiS gear equal to the 8 man raids. The hardest 8 man raids are the only place to get top end weapons and the only way to obtain a special cosmetic appearances for your weapons, as well as a special title for achieving the kill.

    The problem is that Blizzard developers have proven time and time again that they only half develop content and systems and then tell players that they'll "do better next time" and never do better. They continuously show how out of touch they are with the community, like the most recent interview with Ion saying that Conduit Energy isn't a problem, and the new garbage Torghast system being forced upon us that nobody wants. They refuse to acknowledge that 20 man Mythic isn't as successful as they want it to be, that or they're actually delusional to the point that they think 20 man Mythic -is- actually successful at which point they're never going to be on the same page as the players.
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    Trust me.

    Zyky is better than you.

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    "Fewer player means dumbing content down" doesn't necessarily have to be true. Just look at heroic Nathria. It's *much* easier the more players you have. Raiding heroic Nathria with 10 players might as well be a different difficulty than 25-30 players. So that's not really an argument

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    Quote Originally Posted by neescher View Post
    "Fewer player means dumbing content down" doesn't necessarily have to be true. Just look at heroic Nathria. It's *much* easier the more players you have. Raiding heroic Nathria with 10 players might as well be a different difficulty than 25-30 players. So that's not really an argument
    doesnt make much sense using difficulty that is missing mechanics

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