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    Kill targets in RBG"S affliction lock

    When you are going into a starting battle, and the TC calls a target to kill, how do you proceed?
    I don't have any pvp lock friend to ask this, all I do is throw seed of corruption, agony at 5 targets then unstable affliction 3 of them including kill target and use buffs click rapid contagion and then malefic rupture. Is that how you burst a kill target down?

    Any insight on this is welcomed.

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    tab dot healers + fc

    apply ua to healers/fc

    soul rot + phantom ur prio target

    darkglare, darksoul, dot tick thing

    spam malefic rapture

    rotate fears on healers while cds are down while maintaining dots on healers/fc

    keep corrpt up on people for slows as its massive

    you dont focus the kill target unless u need to kill fc, you can harras healers and ruin their games if u play properly and u can make so ur unpeelable on ur darksoul malefic spam

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