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    Fire mage 1v1 pvp


    Recently I had to experience a rather disheartening duel against a feral druid and then a ret paladin. I have 218 ilvl and I'm fairly certain my knowledge about fire mage is quite deep, but when I fought these 2 I literally got facerolled w/o a chance to kill either of them. Their self-healing is just so insane, to the point where I was dead and they were full hp. They didn't care about me healing to full via alter time, about my quantum device healing me to full hp as well, about me healthpotting ... they just zerged me down, I was unable to get a reasonable gap, especially from the druid (I could sheep the paladin, at least, but he just caught up with that slow seal w/o any issues shorty)

    Is there any way to kill these 2 classes as a fire mage or actually live through their burst? Coz, honestly, this was very disheartening.
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    Who uses healthpots in duels, LOL.

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    I guess I said it wrong - it was just a random encounter in the open world, a 1v1 fight. Not the usual duel outside of orgrimmar

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    Quote Originally Posted by melzas View Post
    Who uses healthpots in duels, LOL.
    Very helpful.

    On topic @Makarena. I can't say anything about the feral because I also struggle and never win if they have their CDs up.

    For paladin it's important to know when to mitigate DMG and when to burst. If you're fire in open world, you better also run pvp talents and go for max burst, including meteor.

    Learn the cue for when they're bursting. Spell steal their buffs. If you cannot, ice block their burst. Sheep paladin into combustion combo and hope for the oneshot when he's on bubble CD.

    The meta is all about burst and knowing when to mitigate DMG with defensives.

    I personally also prefer to run insignia and regular blink against hammer of Injustice and other stuns in open world. Arena is a different topic when you have a mate who can help you, then I take simmer. Otherwise I prefer shield on blink.

    Hope that helps a bit. Otherwise I can only propose to watch some rank 1 fire mages on YT and do what they do.
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    I think you probably can't beat feral, but you should be able to win against paladins. Do you keep slow (from frostbolt) up at all times? Do you spellsteal freedom? Do you sheep/root him when you have hand of hindrance? Do you blink every stun? If not, you should do that. He probably shouldn't be able to break through your triune ward at all.
    You should also be able to force a bubble on your first combustion, and then kill them with
    Plus you should be using pvp trinkets, not quantum device, you're giving up like 10% bonus damage and 5% damage reduction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makarena View Post
    I guess I said it wrong - it was just a random encounter in the open world, a 1v1 fight. Not the usual duel outside of orgrimmar
    Then there is thousands of factors that could contribute to your "enocunter", maybe he had flask, food buff, healthstone from running bg earlier with a lock, maybe he had special items, 227 ilvl with elite weapon, etc. There is possibly zero ways to say why you lost and what could have you done better without watching you duel...

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    Very helpful.
    Pretty much just as useful as your post. "Go watch a rank 1 fire mage YT video" what kind of advice is that? What's next, "git gud"?...

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    You realize now that wow pvp is a joke ?

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    It's pretty much all about running away and surviving until you get a good set-up going. Gpie into a big combust will force defensive cooldowns the first time and kill the second time, for example.

    Here you get a good example of a fire mage besting a ret. But it's a bout between two multiglads, from about two months ago, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Against ferals... I main a feral and fire mages are an easy match-up as long as there are opportunities to los the burst. So you better draw him out and burst hard, because he'll likely win the long game.

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    Ranged specs are dogshit in 1v1 against melee.

    Like...if I had to choose a ranged spec that is actually good at casual pvp like 1v1 and warmode, I would probably go with BM hunter. Sure you don't have a lot of burst, but you also don't depend on burst cds to do real damage, like destro and fire mages do for example, you can just kite until eventually whatever you're fighting will keel over. You can't kite shit with other ranged specs because melee have way more tools to stick to you than you have to keep them away, meaning you have to kill them with burst, and then they defensive cd your burst and you're fucked because you got nothing else, can't kite them, can't survive them.

    It's like all melee specs are designed for casual pvp, and all the ranged specs are designed for high rated arena pvp. Only outlier being BM hunter which is both melee and ranged.

    Also rets, ferals and ww monks are stupid OP in 1v1 right now.
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