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    Right. But you said you've thrown away 35 anima because it wasn't worth going to the blackmarket to get 35. While that quest doesn't seem to be increased by the achievement other sources are now 70 anima. Is 70 worth it? By rank 3 you can 210 a lot with a few world quests at 245. Is that worth it? Of course the first rank won't be getting you that much. But it all adds up. You can get a fair chunk from Mythic+ and Raids once you get rank 3.

    I just did the anima quests that were up and deposited 2,330 anima. I could increase that with warmode if I wanted but it seems like you are getting hung up on the 35 rather then the bigger picture.
    I see the bigger picture. I know i could get a lot of anima from doing all the world quests. What i've been saying is i think adding only 35 to them for rank 1 is to low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rendark View Post
    I see the bigger picture. I know i could get a lot of anima from doing all the world quests. What i've been saying is i think adding only 35 to them for rank 1 is to low.
    Any higher though and you'll be drowning in anima. 9.1 also has 3 increases tied to renown.
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    Unfortunately, not enough for me.

    It's just MOP-style band aid. Back in MOP players said, that they didn't need rep grinds - Valor rewards should have been available directly without any gating and rep grinds should have been optional. And rep grinds were nerfed a little bit within duration of xpack, but problem had never been solved.

    Same here. It's just small buff. Just +105 anima per WQ for spending lots of anima, that isn't even account-wide. And my calculations show, that in order for anima grind to be viable for me, buff should be at least 500%. Current grind binds me to one character only, cuz even if I would grind 1500 anima per day, I'd finish my job by July. And of course I won't grind 1500 anima a day. 500 is my max. I've never grinded WQ for reps and I'll never do it. This leaves me with being able to earn covenant rewards within whole xpack on one character only. And this rewards just aren't worth it, sorry.

    By overstretching this grind, Blizzard simply kill covenant content for many players, who just can't grind more than 500 anima a day. And as covenant content is major content in SL, then almost whole SL's content is dead for me. That's why I'm unsubbed now. And will resub only to get flying with corresponding renown catch-up.

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    The anima thing is just all over the place. By the time you had enough to upgrade the gear you didn't need the gear. Upgrade prices are terrible and require way too long time, to the point I only bothered to unlock portals because it's kinda useful and the rest is just meh. The small minigame is kinda fun (Venthyr) but it doesn't serve any purpose. Given my limited time, I'll just stick with whatever anima I get, do table missions, and then if i have excess anima dump into stuff until I unlock everything because it's not really useful for anything else.

    On one side, I'm fine with it being basically optional. On the other, god bless it's optional otherwise it would have been a shitfest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post
    Any higher though and you'll be drowning in anima. 9.1 also has 3 increases tied to renown.
    Then drown me in it, I don't care. I don't mind running out of things to do in wow. I like getting to the point where i can say i'm done with everything i want to do this patch. Really i wouldn't be bitching about it if it was just a little more of a buff. Like maybe two more 35 anima items at rank 1 or make the increase account wide.

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    Ehhh. Did I mention July? No. It would be July, if I would grind anima non-stop since release. But I'm unsubbed now and this anima grind is more about preventing me from coming back, than about keeping me playing.

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    So I gave the anima stuff 2 days now...But nope, even 5 anima items on a WQ just aint enough...I will just do my weeklies and thats that. BUT! When flying comes + maybe renown anima buff then....
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    Quote Originally Posted by aceperson View Post
    praising blizz for something incredibly minor AND that should've been taken care of MONTHS ago is not something worth praising. when someone steals from you and decides to give it back weeks later, you don't praise them for returning it. they freaking stole from you! you guys are paying for an incredibly bad product and for some reason okay with being treated like crap. i don't tolerate that and thus stopped paying.

    YOU need to take your lips off blizzs butt and see logic. in a vacuum, what you say is true. but nothing in this world resides in a vacuum. there is always more context and detail that paint a more vivid and fuller picture. the blizz has made over the past 5 years is a turd.
    Ahh the old "My opinion is fact, and anyone who disagrees with me is a Blizz apologist". Sorry, but your opinons are just that, not fact.

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