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    Should just be account wide and they should probably buff the 250 epic token ones that appear what 1-4 times a week?

    The sentiment is nice, but it should've been in awhile ago. Blizzard can rationalize it because it's not tied to power, and that part I agree on, however, the quantities of anima that you need to get stuff currently is pretty high at the moment.

    Unless in some hypothetical world these are the only cosmetics and sanctum upgrades you need in the entire expansion, which I highly doubt would be the case.

    For me it doesn't bother me in the slightest. AP not being tied to power is a blessing for me and is kind of all I really wanted. Doesn't mean the system is great though. Feel bad for those who are hopelessly addicted to cosmetics, but these are also the type of people who are far too attached to the game to ever quit because of the ever growing sunk cost they associated with collecting stuff.

    At the end of the day, it's better than nothing but it should at the very least be account wide. You still have to go out and do content to get AP regardless, and minimizing the amount you have to spend on multiple sanctums would probably quell the QQ to a pretty high degree. I will note that some of you in here are pretty retarded when it comes to math, quoting how it's not much of a % increase to WQ gain (run the numbers again). Again, doesn't excuse a terrible system, but it's a pretty big increase for anybody still getting anima (mission table missions can offer 5x35 AP tokens now if you have it upgraded enough BTW).

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    Better than nothing...but still way too little.

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    What a disaster. All this time and all they give is a measly 35 more? Where's that bender laughing video when you need it. LMAO

    An extra 35? Try an extra 350.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HighlordJohnstone View Post
    1. Too little too late.

    And 2. This increase sucks. And it's not even account wide.

    No one cares if it's "better than nothing". We want something good. We don't want to be served bread crumbs. Fix your fucking game.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry if I sound pessimistic here, but this "increase" is the shittiest thing I've ever seen. Bring back AP knowledge, but for Anima instead.
    the problem with bringing back AP knowledge is that the situation that made AK necessary is not present in Shadowlands.

    Legion and BfA required you to get ever increasing massive amounts of AP at later levels, which is why AK was needed. In Shadowlands however the values are static; you get 10k anima, you upgrade and done. then you start saving for the next upgrade. Honestly, it's not even what was holding people back; it was actually Redeemed Souls from the Maw - I only got enough to unlock my final upgrade a few days ago.

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    hmm so the people who farmed there asses of to get the transmogs first are basicly fucked gotcha

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWorkingTitle View Post
    What a disaster. All this time and all they give is a measly 35 more? Where's that bender laughing video when you need it. LMAO

    An extra 35? Try an extra 350.
    to be fair those who have been playing since launch now have everything upgraded to max. which means it's not just an extra 35, it's more than that. this is a solid increase for now but they definitely need to up it in 9.1 and make it account wide

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    Too little too late.

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    Amazing! We made it guys! Robbed the Jailer of his Anima! Prince Renathal will be pleased! Now he can get his castle back and we can upgrade our covenants so they can get stronger. No more anima starvation. I’m more than happy to see this. Can’t wait now to free Runecarver and dismantle the Jailer’s forces for the glory of Azeroth. Then we will have all the Soul Ash and Stygia too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamas102 View Post
    You really just don't get it, do you? It doesn't matter how many WQ's you can do per day because any time spent doing them for 1/30th or 1/50th or 1/100th of a cosmetic piece of sanctum upgrade is just NOT REWARDING. The prospect of dedicating hours per week just grinding the same mind numbing world quests over and over and over again, and even after several days having NOTHING to show for it because you haven't accumulated enough currency is piss poor game design.

    I did my fair share of WQ's during Legion and BFA but at least 1. they never felt necessary for progression through the expansion feature and 2. they were more useful for gearing alts. "Do a WQ, get a useful piece of gear" is INFINITELY more rewarding then "Do a WQ, get 140/5,000 currency for increased follower regen".
    Wqs weren't necessary for the expansion features in bfa and legion? The fuck you smoking? Either your skill capped at lfr or had some serious friends carry your ass with traits

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    I don't get the people defending this shitty endgame content. You should be able to upgrade your sanctum to max by playing super casual, just like it was with the class hall or garrison. Currently there is no way to do that. Blizzard don't realize their player base now got families and other games (!) and are trying to create some korean gacha grinding in wow, but without possibility to just buy the rewards for money... Why do I still play wow? It's a beautiful game and the combat/spells are well executed for an MMO.

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    Awesome, only main needed more anima(i got almost all buildings at rank 3) now it will be easier to achieve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post
    There is no need for you to turn insulting and call me stupid simply because I am using facts and numbers to counter your BS.
    you don't use facts. you stated that you can knock out all of the anima WQs in an hour. there is a minimum of 5 minutes of flight between zones sure you might be able to hearth twice knocking off 5 minutes total which pretending that you can't for a minute would leave you only 10 minutes per zone to complete all WQs. talk about BS.

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    It's not simply 35/70/105 more. It's this amount for each of those anima WQ. This will increase the weekly anima amount by a huge margin. Anyone who is after anima should be able to understand this, tho.
    Anima is not needed for anything character related - if you are someone, that just "wants to have it because it's available" - yeah, then get it slowly over the months/years of SL? If you are a collector, you already know the hassle of grinding everything and anything, so this is not a problem at all.
    I'll take this increase happily, as it decreases the amount of grinding by a huge margin at Tier 3 (105 anima more WQ, when doing what.. 70? 100? of those WQ each week? 7k-10k free anima/week!)

    Ofc you pay anima to unlock those tiers, but you'll get it back faster. (you do not have to unlock Tier 4 of your cov-special upgrade, saves a lot of anima)
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    This is good, it took about a month to get 10000 anima previously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julmara View Post
    hmm so the people who farmed there asses of to get the transmogs first are basicly fucked gotcha
    No, they got their transmogs first. You know that everything gets easier in WoW after some time, so you always make the choice between 'grind my ass of to have it first' and 'don't really play because I don't care that much and I will get it in a few months'. There never was a reason to grind. You have years to get all of it. But you wanted it NOW, and you got it.

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    lol woooohoooo 175 anima instead of 140. will change EVERYTHING! oh thx Blizzard you are soooo nice to us.

    i INSTANTLY start consuming your cheap shit milk the cow mode wow for all that great vanity items. nooooot.


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    lol GREAT! Now im going to resub and farm precious anima all day long!

    Or not.

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    I will still not get to farming anima because the amount is still pitiful and they are gonna increase it in a month again anyway.

    I wish they would just come up with a definitive plan instead of increasing the reward bit by bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by crusadernero View Post
    lol GREAT! Now im going to resub and farm precious anima all day long!

    Or not.

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    look guys game just got fixed

    all this amazing content you wil ldo till septemeber - now go farm this +35 anima

    what a complete joke of company .

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