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    Quote Originally Posted by Metrox View Post
    Greetings! I have seen posts that state that the increase has not happened to any source except World Quests.
    Those posts are wrong. The first extra tokens i got where actually from Castle Nathria. It also works on table missions, for that matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metrox View Post
    And yet my subscriptions pay the company the same amount as you. Canceled subscriptions don't have flags on them like 99% Content Player or 1% Worthless Content Player. They just decrease or increase Blizzard's bottom line. LOL
    You're replying to an obvious troll. Of course Blizzard values us all equally. They only care about the $15.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metrox View Post
    And yet my subscriptions pay the company the same amount as you. Canceled subscriptions don't have flags on them like 99% Content Player or 1% Worthless Content Player. They just decrease or increase Blizzard's bottom line. LOL
    I'm not sure what your point is other than you're an idiot who pays 15 a month to play 1% of the game. If they cared about you or your $180 a year they'd make more meaningful world content. Yet here you are doing the same dailies crying about anima rewards. People who only play the game for world content are the extreme minority. They dont care about you, you dont matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    You're replying to an obvious troll. Of course Blizzard values us all equally. They only care about the $15.
    They dont because people like you dont stay subbed, they dont count on you to stay subbed and they dont develop any new content for you. There are no unique world quests or content to Shadowlands.

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    So your argument is casuals don't stay subbed, so Blizzard doesn't care about them? That is exactly the inverse of the truth. Vast majority of players are casual.

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    The anima hotfix is great for world content players. I am one of those players. Many world content players want (or already have) these sanctum upgrades. They unlock cosmetic and other fun stuff. Some of my friends (that also are same type of players as me) have rank 3 in everything. They can now get more anima for the stuff they are missing and also for stuff for 9.1.

    I have no idea why people here think world content players only want vendor-stuff for anima, but not sanctum upgrades. Strange thread is strange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordVargK View Post
    That is assuming that those players play by the clock and let their companions run 24/7. Else the reduced mission time doesn't come into effect and the companions heal automatically. And while there certainly are players like that, I'd bet that 99% of players don't set timers to login when their missions end.

    I've played Night fae, which had a little scenario to unlock it, but mainly Kyrian. Kyrians have nothing of the sorts, it's just a teleportation system. Also the 10-20 second movement speed buff it gives is buggy as hell.
    For Venthyr, along with the maximized travel network you unlock a daily mini-game of hunting mirrors around Revendreth that you have to travel to, open using a special item, and after doing that you loot a chest in a room filled with varying enemies and traps. There is a full transmog set available from doing that as well as a mount.

    NF I know there's also some minigame and mounts involved, possibly a mog.

    As for missions...maybe. But regardless how often you play it adds up when your missions are quicker and your companions start healing quicker. This was especially useful for Venthyr in early 9.0 when it was undertuned hardcore and your mission table gameplay was just sending companions to die in overly challenging missions. Fully healing your companions from 0 after a failed mission might take hours. Saving a couple hours each time this happens is really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metrox View Post
    Now on to the Anima Increase!

    1. Cost to level all Venthyr covenant sanctum upgrades to Rank 3 - 64,000 anima At this point we would now be getting 3 extra anima "tokens" at 35 anima per token for an increase per World Quest of 105 extra anima. 64,000 anima to start earning our Rank 3 increase.

    2. How many World Quests to Break Even before we dig our selves out of the hole we just spent? 64,000 anima/ 105 anima per quest = 610 World Quests just to recover what you spent. After you do 610 world quests at the New Rank 3 , you will start seeing yourself on the positive side of the ledger ..... having just paid off your 64,000 anima expenditure. 610 World Quests to dig yourself out of the hole.
    Just wanted to pop in, and point out your math is shit, sorry.

    There are more than 1 tier of upgrades. Before you get to tier 3, there's tier 1, which buffs all your anima wqs by 35, and then there's tier 2, which buffs all your anima wqs by 70. You will "earn back" a lot of the anima you spent to upgrade your buildings along the way, before you even reach tier 3. And that's just from wqs. You say you don't raid/m+/pvp, so we can discount those, but you probably run some mission table stuff, and those rewards also get buffed, so it's even easier to "break even", as you call it.

    Of course, even with that in mind, it's still probably not worth actually upgrading things if all you want is cosmetics, since you can just get those with the anima you would otherwise have needed to spend on upgrades, so. Tho it's a safe bet they will add more cosmetics in the future, and the anima reward upgrade will stay with us for the entirety of SL, so, thinking long term, I'd say it's still worth upgrading.

    Myself, I'm seeing a HUGE difference after the hotfix, tier 3 boosted my daily anima gain by about 1.5-2k per day, with wqs+night fae transport network dailies+table. And I'm talking just about the DIFFERENCE from before to now, not the total daily anima gain.

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    1k weekly and more from lfr
    This change just gives you more anima and you are complaining about it....really???

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    Well first of all, your math to "recoup" your expenditure is way off. Rank 1 of every building only costs a measly 4K Anima and can easily be done within the first week of hitting level 60. Rank 2 of every building is "only" 5K each for a total of 20K. The real kick in the nuts is the rank 3 upgrades at 10K each, but by the time you're working towards rank 3 upgrades, IE the final 40K anima, you're already receiving 70 extra anima from all sources.
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    Thanks to all who replied in this Thread!! I like to read the different opinions because they provide me with viewpoints to make me reconsider my conclusions. Discourse is a good thing. Even the Troll who wants to get his post count up higher is an asset in a small way. Stay safe and focus your efforts on what makes you want to log in each time!!

    Stay safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metrox View Post
    Blizzard didn't do World Content players any favors.
    Of course they did. I got 1k Anima in 4 world quests and the daily area quest. Your calculations over look anima spent to date since we are now a few weeks after the first time enough souls could be gained to have everything upgraded. Spending money to upgrade the covenant set to 197 is silly if you care about anima since world quests can reward up to 194.

    The problem is you keep saying all of these other things have more value so getting rank 3 is a punishment. Did you think about the cosmetics unlocked by rank 3? Ember court rep cosmetics. Handcrafted mirror repair kit cosmetics etc? This is a positive change.
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