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    Professions in 9.1 (nothing!)?

    Looking at the PTR, it seems that we are getting nothing for professions :S

    In Blacksmith i can only see Mark 3, Mark (ilvl 200), Some Leggo

    This is just sad! waited this long and for nothing, what are they doing!

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    I kinda think so too, and it's a bummer.

    BUT my buddy is doing all of them, and he's making like 150k a week from it /shrug

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    I have this feeling the glasses are made by Jewelcrafters.
    Stuff can be fixed, just get enough glue or duct tape!
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    Professions are dead af. Since like forever. I liked the involvment we had in BfA tbh. Quests and stuff. This time i didn't even bother leveling anything up except alchemy.

    We need more cosmetic stuff craftable by the professions. Soulbound imho to not swamp the AH with stuff. Just some stuff you can work to that has nothing to do with anything else. Gather mats from old expansions. Craft some comsetic gear moutns pets and stuff.... why does a profession always have to be connected with power upgrades? Or completly useless gear.

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