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    How is it forcing pve players into pvp? It was an option for gear. With this change its just one less option to have when gearing up.
    It was not optional, it was the only way to get a 233 weapon, lowering the ilvl is making it an option and no longer mandatory.

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    No one is forcing you to do it but yourself. Quit projecting.
    If you are playing at top level, yes you HAVE to, otherwise you're gonna get benched, and if they don't bench you they will simply get shifted by other who did player who did not get their pvp weapon/trinket. A 233 ilvl weapon is just too big of an advantage, same goes for the 1m trinket, for some spec.If you think that it inconsequential then I do not know what game you are playing but that is not WoW Retails.
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    So if I do both pve and PvP I will need two sets of gear? Sounds like a complete step back, not a fan.

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    You do realise that ret had to burn all of his CD on top of spending like 5 GCD to set up that 1 hit?

    Thats like letting a firemage cast several spells while combust is up, or letting balance complete full cast of convoke.

    An it also wasn't a guaranteed crit.
    Nah, in this case this was directly in 2 seconds mate - Judgement, Final Rek, Final Verdict. Seems like he got ganked in the Maw and the paladin likely already had full Holy Power, so Judgement to get that 25% boost, Final Reckoning to get that 50% boost, then the Final Verdict from the legendary to seal the deal.

    What's more, that Final Verdict was likely almost entirely overkill - OP already took 31k damage from JUST Judgement and Final Reckoning. So even a regular hit woulda killed.

    It's also 4 GCDs - Judgement, Wake o Ashes, Final Reck, Final Verdict. Done.

    Doesn't matter that the Ret had to burn all his CDs to do so, you died.

    Unless you have a Warrior or Priest ready to pop Divine Shield literally the moment it's cast, OR you have defensive CDs up on the Ret's kill target (Which he can wait out), Ret gets a win with that combo
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    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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