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  • Unsubbed, not interested in Wotlk classic

    38 14.29%
  • Unsubbed, will come back for Wotlk classic

    34 12.78%
  • Unsubbed but playing pserv, not interested in Wotlk classic

    1 0.38%
  • Unsubbed but playing pserv, will come back for Wotlk classic

    5 1.88%
  • Subbed, not interested in Wotlk classic

    63 23.68%
  • Subbed, will switch to Wotlk classic

    83 31.20%
  • Subbed, will only check out Wotlk classic

    31 11.65%
  • Subbed AND playing pserv, not interested in Wotlk classic

    0 0%
  • Subbed AND playing pserv, will switch to Wotlk classic

    8 3.01%
  • Subbed AND playing pserv, will only check out Wotlk classic

    3 1.13%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viikkis View Post
    I think Wrath has the best balance between old style WoW and quality of life. I just wish they wouldn't introduce dungeon finder at all (it was introduced late Wrath patch 3.3.0) and if they do have it work only for players on your realm. No crossrealm grouping.
    I played on a private server without the dungeon finder and honestly it wasn't as great as everyone thought.

    First of all, while leveling, people will rarely do any dungeons besides the really convenient ones. Leveling is much faster in wrath and thus you would see less people doing dungeons compared to classic, because it's more of a waste of time to assemble the group, gather all the quests you need and then travel to the dungeon. In Wrath, people just cba to do that for the most part unlike in classic where the game overall is really slow. With LFD enabled you can queue for dungeons while questing and you'll get to play through many more dungeons, so overall you have more variety in content while leveling and it's just much more fun overall.

    In endgame, LFD isn't that important/useful though, but it still is a huge QoL boost as you can do other stuff in the meantime.

    IMO the big downside with LFD wasn't actually LFD itself, but it was the crossrealm grouping, like you would be grouped together with players from different realms.

    So yeah I am generally PRO LFD at least for leveling. If they disabled crossrealm grouping or disabled it altogether for heroic dungeons then I would welcome that. However overall I am sure that in the long run, the lack of LFD would annoy more people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArenaDk View Post
    this will always be the must fun thing to see. Classic has no rpg elements which arent in current wow, which arent made up or are basically just inconvinieces hyped up.

    Having to walk for 40 min through 3 zones to do a quest? WOOOOW, such rpg, much wow.
    Well these are just opinions. I love reagents because they add flavour, I love how hunters need to feed their pets and slowly gain their loyalty. I love how much larger and more dangerous the world feels and the list goes on. You see these as inconveniences I see them as RPG elements. Neither is correct. Just opinions.

    Quote Originally Posted by ArenaDk View Post
    Also again this made up sense of community, while classic and retail work the same community wise.

    Join a guild/discord to be in a community or dont and have none. Thats all there is to it for both games.
    It's easier to be a prick when you will never see the player again and can just easily replace them with the automated group finder anyway. Also retail encourages solo/unsocial gameplay a lot more than vanilla.

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    Subbed, will probably play both retail and wotlk

    There's no good poll option for me though. I wont "switch" and I won't just "check out".

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    No, I will not, just like I won't for TBC Classic, nor did for Classic.

    I enjoyed the past and I do consider myself nostalgic for it at times but I do not hold an attachment of running an artificial reenactment of the past. They are to me like museums but live-action participation. Times have been glorious but I enjoy progression more than lingering on servers that in the end will reach the eternal drought like Classic will one TBC Classic is launched, as there will most likely not be more content for that at all.
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    WotLK is still my favourite expansion, but after going back to those zones years later, I've realized that it's just not for me. Maybe it's because I played Horde back when WotLK was current, but the Alliance side mostly seems less interesting, especially in Howling Fjord.

    Doing it as part of the new leveling experience, and it's just not as efficient as queueing for dungeons. I would really rather mostly AFK in Stormwind, work on projects, and then jump into dungeons when they pop. It's not that I don't enjoy the world content that Blizzard produce, but that my time these days is better spent doing other things - work smarter, not harder, y'know.

    Same applies in game when levelling - play smarter, not harder. Even if it takes me 3x as long to hit level 50 as someone actively doing quests, I only spend around 20% of that time in game actually doing something. You might say "Why not combine quests and queues?", and I'd argue that means playing harder. Even the best case scenario of 1-50 is around 6-7 hours, and that's cutting out all the chatter. That's not to say I don't do any quests, but that I'll do the quests that interest me initially before I get bored of it within a few hours.

    I don't have the motivation to raid these days, and even though Prot Paladins were incredibly fun in PVP (earned Battlemaster in 2009 with one), I ultimately wouldn't play.

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    of course

    I will play wotlk, tbc, and vanilla, just like I sometimes play older games on the n64, gamecube, ps1 2, I'm willing to pay one subscription to have this freedom

    however I would like at one point to have the ability to copy and convert some characters from retail to some classic expansions, at least when we're in the last stage

    because it's freaking lame that you have to restart everything from scratch when you already poured thousands of hours (talking from the point of view of a collector using Allthethings)
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    Sure, I will, but for nostalgia purposes only. This xpack was the best in Wow's history, but only for it's time. It's way too obsoleted now. It's closest modern analog in terms of how casual and fun it is - is WOD. WOD Classic - is the only server, that will keep me playing forever. But we won't see it soon enough.

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    Way to pit retail players against Classic players with a poll that literally can do nothing but cause division.

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    Subbed, won't play wotlk

    BC is already borderline as I've seen everything but Sunwell.

    Starting in WOTLK and beyond I've completed every tier/played every tier. So my interest in classic ends after Sunwell

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    Are you so sure we are going to see Wotlk classic considering the changes they made to BC? I for one will not play BC because of that character shit boost and probably future microtransactions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMugabe View Post
    Yeah I am gonna play Wotlk classic. Most people will do too probably.

    The poll itself is pretty bad though, didn't pick anything.
    There is literally no option to not fit in poll. Covers pretty much every possibility.

    Simple "will play" "wont play" doesn't tell shit. I was hoping to see how many private server players would switch to "global" once wotlk classic is out.
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    No, I won't play any "classic" release.
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    Wotlk was one of the most boring expansions.
    Dungeons were a cakewalk.
    First 6 months there was almost no content.
    Then came ulduar which was fun.
    Trial of the crusader was OK.
    Lk was OK.
    But the raids were too far apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnomeEU View Post
    But the raids were too far apart.
    Wrath classic would probably have tighter content release schedule than on the original run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norsok View Post
    I tried Classic and I lasted two days. The feeling of not having anything that could surprise me because I knew how every single patch was gonna be, devastated me. In my opinion, playing WoW Classic is a waste of time; nostalgia won't bring back what you felt when you played that game for the first time.
    That’s an interesting take. I guess I’d never been that married to the actual story because I started later, so the need to “race to catch up” was always there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Guns View Post
    Most convoluted poll options lmao. Why can’t we pick “we are subbed, we play classic, tbc classic, and wotlk classic?”
    This is my vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mendzia View Post
    This is my vote.
    Jesus people, there are options like this:

    Subbed, will switch to Wotlk classic - if you intend to put more time in wotlk than the rest
    Subbed, will only check out Wotlk classic - if you intend to keep playing whatever you are playing as primary focus (classic or retail or tbc)

    dunno what so hard to understand here. Possibility to spend EXACTLY the same amount of time in both (or even 4) games is near zero. Unless you play with stopwatch.
    BfA > Wotlk > Cata > ... > WoD ~ TBC > Vanilla > ................ ? .............. > Legion > ... > Eating Dust > .... > SL
    You said corruption was great system. Can't find it and proceeds to lie again.
    Legendaries were such a great system I had them all before blizz lifted softcap

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    Why play WotLK when retail follows the same game design. Might was well make a WoD classic.

    Vanilla and TBC are the only real classics, when the game and game design was different.

    Got a new poll:

    Interested in WotLK Classic?
    No: X
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    Had enough of Wrath raiding. Got my nax achievs, ulduar achievs, ToC achievs, Naxx achievs, realm first titles..
    Had enough of wrath dungeons. Had enough of the levelling zones too.
    Rather keep playing classic forever than that junk tbh.
    But still hoping for Cata/Pandaria where the real fun is, so guess I'll consider playing it just to farm gold..

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    Why are there like 20 poll options? I'll probably check out WotLk classic, yes, currently unsubbed till TBC.

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