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    If there was some way to prove your blackness (or that you're muslim, or jewish, or asian, or gay, or whatever) and thus allow you to use those words I guess I'd be OK with that, but since that's impossible it's best to block everybody from saying them.
    This is one of the most ridiculous things I've read in awhile.

    Oh and, "Bong" is censored.

    Another win for the Empire of Nothing.
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    "Would it help?"

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    good example of why being afraid of words regardless of context is just flat out bonkers to me. Being afraid of words while ignoring context is ridiculous.
    i had a black guy almost punch me in the us. i said 니가 when talking to to a friend, he thought i was saying the n-word. fucking crazy people.

    you have crazy shit like this too due to people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    It's a colloquial confimation, it's essentially just a "yup".
    jap 10cccc

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    This thread has gone off the rails at this point, and will be closed.
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