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    I'd probably just trade some of the races for depictions that look less stupid, so something like linage 2 orcs, or elves with less weird ears than the wow ones (guess it could be worse, could be the TES or FF ones .. yikes). I also think draenei are a rather hideous tiefling substitude if that is what they were going for. Oh, while I'm at it, diablo humans (or any really) instead of wow humans. I'd also trade in vulpera for scaven, just to troll the furries. Warforged > diaper gnomes, as well. Some kind of draconoid race would be welcome too, though it would just be another race that doesn't have proper boot/glove/helm models, so I'm not sure I would actually want that.
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    fucking dragonborns, can't believe world of warcraft does not have a lizard/draconic race yet.

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    FFXIV Lalafell, so that the wow community learns to be thankful that we got gnomes
    I'd like Lalafell more than Gnomes. But that's not a very high bar nowadays.

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