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    Tidy plates help

    Can someone give me a hint to why my tidy plates wont show the enemy cast bar? Ive never had this problem before but ever since i started playing SL, ive never been able to see the enemy casting using tidy plates.

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    nobody has any ideas?

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    There probably aren't many people left using tidyplates with such better options out these days. Namely Plater. Give it a try. Pretty great. Hopefully someone can help eventually, but i'd bet you like plater better if you try it. Can even import someone else's setup from wago.

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    Id recommend a cast bar addon there are a few out there. You would most likely need to reach out to the developer of the addon itself to see why functionality stopped.

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    I'm still using tidyplates for me it's working fine, including castbars. But I might have changed some lines of code at the start of SL to get it running. Look in the curseforge comments, maybe someone there had the same issue. Often people are quick in finding fixes there.

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