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    Quote Originally Posted by Necrosaro123 View Post
    I can't believe how many people are actually playing WoW Classic. How are people still having fun with such an old WoW game. The only thing i remember from that game is just Nightmares of hard farming, grind and waiting to get into a group just to do 1 stupid raid that in the end failed and the group ended up split up.
    Old? I just went back to DAOC. Sure the graphics are crap but man all the classes are pretty close balanced and Im having an absolute blast. LOVE just getting on a SM and mass farming shit to put stuff in my home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson Spears View Post
    They might get them too... in order to do business in china you need to produce X amount there to sell your product. It is why a lot of people assume reforged and immortal were made by outside teams.
    Activision Blizzard already does business in China and the connections Blizzard has was reported as one of the ways Mr. Morhaime helped convince Mr. Kotick to agree to the merger of Activision and Vivendi way back when.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TEHPALLYTANK View Post
    The game receives plenty of development input, it is the input being ignored that leads to players being pissed off and some wanting to see the game fail. I'm in the category of "pissed off by shit design; I want them to fix said design because I'd like the game to be good".

    Also for the sake of everyone, they need to stop having Ion do any interviews. His legalistic wording and defense of systems that are largely hated does nothing but further alienate the community by insulting their intelligence. They need to hire a proper CM team again and have them handle player engagement on the forums, because Ion is just stirring shit every time he opens his mouth and to say absolutely nothing while speaking for 5 minutes. 7 paragraphs of text that amount to "yeah, that was a poor design choice" is quite irritating, especially when players had been vocally pointing out for months that it was a poor design choice.
    Too bad most of the things people claim as “bad design” are just parroted opinions from their favorite content creator. It gets even worse once you realize that the content creators opinion isn’t even their own, it’s just what they could come up with to stir up the most movement on their content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundering View Post
    sadly classic wow is now larger than retail(According to google search) kinda says that something has gone wrong somewhere.
    It's not tho. When you want to compare numbers dont just look at WOW:Shadowlands but also at WOW and compare searches etc. Dont just watch Asmongold videos and check stuff for yourself.

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    I dont really see that. I see a lot of people that have turned away from the game because it objectively declined.

    I've been on both sides. I have dropped the game back in early Cata and was pretty sure I would never come back. I was wrong. The game is still in a very poor state and in some areas it continues to get worse. Blizzard has earned most of the critism that comes their way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ellieg View Post
    You mean you don't Google "world of warcraft" everyday to satisfy some arbitrary metric?

    I never got this lol. Google trends like that will tell you how many ppl Google that term. Its all then interpreted about how that could relate to subscribers. If anything imo, it tells how many newer ppl were interested. Cause like u said, ppl that play wow would go straight to wowhead
    Oh god you're right, I better start typing in world of warcraft in google every day. We gotta inflate this useless metric!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necrosaro123 View Post
    Overwatch turned into a big fail after a few years
    The case for OW is quite odd. It came out of the gates really strong, and it seemed that for once Blizzard had finally managed to create something to go full esport with. Which was certainly impressive, considering that OW basically consists on what they could salvage out of the failed experiment that was "Titan". But after a few years, it does appear to have ran out of steam... I still find it odd though, especially considering Blizz's hardon towards anything that smells like esport. And what more promising than OW in that regard?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by GongBaoChicken View Post
    Jesus. Never seen anything so sad in my life. These individuals want the game to be "punished" for some perceived insult against them, which largely revolves around gameplay being modified in a way they dislike. No thought or consideration, just a "my way or the high way" bullcrap attitude. You point this out and they'll accuse you of being a "fanboy" who licks Blizzard's boots. Wow, how original.

    The game is flawed. The game doesn't receive as much development input as it needs. But if your "criticism" is nothing more than some burning desire to see the game completely crash and burn along with everyone who plays it...then that's not healthy.

    Ultimately, why are you even here. #TouchGrass.
    Yep, it's pretty sad. There is such a strong entitlement culture in invested gamers. I do believe there are people who want to see the game crash and burn because they feel like their demands weren't answered. And it's not only in WoW, but I'd say it's more prevalent in MMOs and competitive online games in my experience. I guess any game that adapts to feedback regularly opens this pandora's box of entitlement from some players, who take it very personally (maybe because they've got nothing else going on in their lives, but that's just my guess).

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    It's a way to vent frustration for something you cared about a lot changing into something you can't stand to even play anymore.

    I mean its probably unhealthy way to think but understandable.
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