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    Guardian Druids and Versitility

    I'm sitting at 12% versatility and feel like I need to at least double that amount. I'm strictly focused on M+ content What's the target I should be aiming for?

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    I am at ~20% and I plan to go around 30%. The gear below at 220-226 should put you around those 30%:

    vicious surge faceguard soa head
    azure-venom choker soa neck
    malodorous gristle-sown spaulders pf shoulder
    blighted margrave´s cloak pf back
    anima-splattered hide sd chest
    shadowhirl waistwrap soa waist
    radiant light binders sd wrist
    gloves of haunting fixation hoa hands
    abyssal disharmony breeches soa legs
    viscera-stitched footpads nw feet
    ritual commander´s ring nw finger
    ritual bone band top finger
    entwined gorger tendril sd finger (-vers)

    xav´s pike of authority top weapon

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    I aim to never go below 20% while hunting for higher ilvl pieces, so I may hold off on equipping a higher ilvl if it has no vers and is replacing a piece with high vers. End of the day it is really personal preference though, to figure out what is "comfortable" for you in the content you are doing

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